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Princess and the Wizard 7th birthday party

Image result for princess and the wizardI have been so busy since my last post!  The baby was a boy and he is called Sturrock. He is now 15 months old.  Eliza is a great big sister to him  (and Finlay a great big brother)  For Eliza's birthday this year's theme was The Princess and the Wizard - a fantastic book by Julia Donaldson,  I have been planning this party for almost 7 years since I named my baby girl Eliza.  The book is about a Princess called Eliza celebrating her 7th birthday and I cannot believe my own little Princess is 7 now! 

The little wizard

Reading The Princess and the Wizard

Eliza's party table

The party table in the book

I tried to match everything to the party table in the book but as usual I left everything to the last minute and we have just moved into an old house that is undergoing lots of change right now so I was stressed out looking for missing bunting, cake stands and ribbon. 


Cutting the cake

The birthday cake

Roly poly biscuits

In the midst of a new kitchen being put in - the plugs aren't even attached to the wall! 

Strawberry meringues


Jam roly poly biscuits

Party games

We had a lot of fun on the party games this year.  For every animal Princess Eliza turns into in the book I had a party game to play.  The first animal she turns into is a fish so we played a game called Floundering  It was my favourite game as a child (mine was called Flounders) and you need to roll the dice to build up a puzzle of a fish.  The winner was given an inflatable fish.  

The next animal she turns into is a chick

I bought plastic chicks from Baker Ross but they had small holes in the bottom so my handy husband filled them with silicone we had lying around the house for the renovations.  We filled the bottoms with a little bit of water, added an Alka-Seltzer and put the lids on before giving them a little shake.  They worked really well!  Nice little explosions with not too much mess.

She also has to darn socks in the book so we made sock bubbles with bottles following the instructions here.  We were really lucky and it was a roasting hot day.  The bubbles were great we were able to make some really long snakes.

Sock bubbles

Next we had a game of tiddly winks as she turns herself into a grasshopper so we pretended the tiddly winks were grasshoppers jumping around

Next animal is a fox so we moved inside again and played pin the tail on the fox

Butterfly is next so we decorated butterfly crowns with colouring pens and stickers.  

Eliza's beautiful dress with the butterflies to match the party was from Monsoon 

Next in the book Princess Eliza turns into a black cat so the girls were given cat shaped scratch art

Finally on her 7th try after turning herself into a bird she turns herself into a piece of paper so we went outside again and had a game flying paper birds around the garden 

We had a fantastic day and Eliza was given lots of lovely gifts.  

For the party bags I made 7 felt animals for everyone: a bird, a chick, a grasshopper, a fox, a butterfly, a cat and a bird.

The Princess may try 7 times to hide by changing her colour and changing her shape 

 I was up at 6am on the day of the party finishing these! 

Inside the party bags were a fish book, a packet of bird wipes, a bunny pencil, insect tattoos, butterfly sweets I made like Eliza's 2nd birthday party bags and a cupcake in a box 


The next day was Grant's birthday! 
Not enough Ds :) 
He had a hard week so we didn't **forget** his birthday cake this year! 

There is something about water icing that makes me want to eat this so badly right now

Couple of candles and good to go
An iced cherry bakewell slice.  First time making it but won't be the last it tasted great.  Not sure what it is meant to taste like but it went with my taste buds :D 

There were plenty of cakes and biscuits to keep us going all week.  I love a birthday week!  Hard work and stressful at the time but then you get to sit and have cuppies and cakes all week.  What's not to love?! 

Recipe for roly poly biscuits here

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