Monday, 7 January 2013

✿ Lego ✿

I adore lego...when  Finlay gets lego I am so excited to build it up.  He likes it but not like me.  And now he is older he can make it himself :(  He also likes to break it up once it is built.  I don't like that :(  I realise that's the point but once it's built I want him to look after it - it took me  him so long and there is no chance of ever finding the right pieces again so it just turns into mess.  And where do you keep all this mess?  I have tried the big buckets, drawers etc but once you play with it it is everywhere.  Those pesky little lego men are out to get me.  I have stubbed my toe countless times and the tiny little pieces always find their way into my hoover. And if Finlay sees them in there he makes me sift through the hooverings - how gross is that??

How good would it be to have somewhere to play with the lego so it wasn't all over the floor, somewhere to save the masterpieces and somewhere safe for the tiny little lego heads and extras -  so they can escape the hoover (and I can escape putting my hand in there :o )

Well I have acquired two solutions in the last month :) First of all I want to say thanks to Tiffany at Making the World Cuter for her competition to win a Lay'N'Go Lite (see her post here).  Ooops I entered without checking terms and conditions and you were supposed to live in the US....I WON!! :D  When Carissa Rogers at GoodNCrazy emailed to check my address I realised I was not supposed to enter.  But Carissa was fantastic and we instantly became friends - she liked the Scottish sound of my emails - apparently "brilliant" is a very UK thing to say!  She quickly posted out my Lay'N'Go Lite and  it came in time for Christmas!  Thank you so much Carissa!  This is the little version - there are much bigger ones on the website (Lay'N'Go) but this size is perfect for me.

The lego the kids are playing with or the Christmas box that has just been opened gets tipped onto here

They play with them for 5 minutes - (then I take over :) ) - and once we are finished instead of it being all over my carpet I can fasten the toggle and they are all safely inside.  

We can also take them away without fear of a spillage in the car.  Nobody wants lego heads under the brake pedal :o 

And it has this handy little pocket for the most important pieces - this is Finlay's favourite - Superman.  Remember how obsessed he is with Superman?  (Here, here and here :) )  I love teeny tiny lego Superman - and Clark Kent :) 
So the Lay'N'Go is perfect for playing with lego and also storing lego, carting lego around and saving the hoover and my toes from pesky lego men and bricks.

The next solution both my children got this Christmas my brother-in-law made.

A big lego tray!!  
My sister found this pin and convinced her husband to make 4 of these for my two and her two :)

It is so much fun building on here and when you are in the middle of a masterpiece but have to make tea do your homework the tray is a safe place to leave semi-built lego

  Also good for a hero battle

Or a bedroom - big lego bricks work too :) 

Now the lego can be displayed without rolling under the couch and doesn't have to all be packed away before the building is complete.  

Thanks Uncle Grant!!

✿  Now get to bed kids I have some lego I need to play with....and you don't have anything you need to tidy up first! ✿


  1. LOVE IT!

    And the serendipity that brought about an overseas friendship via my IRL friend Tiffany is sort of the strangest part of the whole little story here!

    but I have to say, Amy Fazackerley (the founder and mom-inventor of the Lay-n-go product) is the real hero here!! She's the one who got the play mat 'posted' in time for the holidays for you! (I'd have said 'mailed' but now I sound all 'Downton' eh?):)

    Seriously a kick to become pen-blogger-pals!! :)

  2. It is "brilliant" how we met thanks rafflecoptor - and thanks Amy and Tiffany! x

  3. For this summer I plan to make a fleece topped, waterproofed bottom picnic/play mat that you toggle up to carry...this has convinced me that it is a good idea!

    Love the Lego tray....and so beautifully made...well done Uncle Grant, great job!


    1. That is definitely a fantastic idea. Can't wait to see the finished product :) x


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