Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Woodland Baby Boy Shower

What a lovely morning we had celebrating the impending arrival of a new member to our little Tuesday club.  Just a few more weeks until we meet the little man and we cannot wait.

After a shaky start where our pregnant buddy messaged to say she wouldn't make it today we managed to convince her to change her mind and come along or she would have missed her surprise shower!

Anne made the Baby Boy sign and now we all want a shot of the wood burning pen 🖋

 Chocolate log cake (another dairy free cake because Ivy cows milk protein allergy and I'm breastfeeding)  We had a dairy free farm party for Sturrock's 3rd birthday so I could eat everything there too 🥛⛔🐄

 Woodland trail mix

 Scones - made these fresh this morning and they were the best ones I've made so far.  Not dairy free I used them as part of the milk ladder but unfortunately Ivy has reacted to them 😭

 Toadstool raspberries (made these for Eliza's woodland party too)
 Laura made these  - acorn marshmallows

 Red sweets - I love a colour themed sweet for every party theme :)
 Laura made these too - peppermint cremes

 Not all unhealthy 🍇
 Such a lovely party theme for a baby shower
 Ready to pop popcorn

A little hamper of new baby clothes with a woodland theme 

Anne's handy work again - a woodland nappy cake

We only decided the theme a few days before but we went with it and it looked great - as always I love shopping the rest of the house to gather a theme together.  I have done a woodland theme before for Eliza so I had a few props ready to go.  I think I could do almost any theme now though 🤣

Ivy wore a little romper to fit the theme too and it turned out to be almost one year to the day since the girls threw me my baby shower for having Ivy and look at her now!  Why does that go so quickly? 😭😢⏲

Before I know it I will be posting about her first bitrthday party.

Deciding the theme very soon! 🥳🎉