Tuesday, 30 April 2013

† Little Red Riding Hood Christening Desserts Table †

We were asked to create a desserts table for a special little girl's Christening.  The theme was our own choice...lets get pinning!

Princesses and pink were out - not that sort of girl...so we decided on Little Red Riding Hood.  Woodland theme is something we have wanted to do for a while - we love a toadstool!

 What Little Red Riding Hood table wouldn't be complete without Granny's house?:) You know about my love for gingerbread.  We made little red out of fondant and the wolf hiding behind the door.  Also some little fondant toadstools.

... and a tiny little woodcutter's axe

 A basket of apples

Apple shaped biscuits made from my Easter biscuits recipe however I used royal icing sugar this time - I thought this icing was better and so simple - just bought the box of royal icing sugar and added water and food colouring.  It dried really hard and tasted great. 

 Once upon a trifle...

                                                   miniature strawberry trifles - so cute!

Big Bad Wolf Cakes

Mini chocolate cupcakes

A trio of traybakes - "Little Red Riding Fudge" white chocolate and cranberry fudge, mars bar Krispie "Acorns" and "Woodcutter's Slice" ginger traybake.


Chocolate dipped marshmallows

Red and white themed table including Red Riding Hood Cheesecakes, chocolate finger "chopped logs" and chewy teeth shaped sweets "My what big teeth you have!"...."All the better to EAT you with...."

The Christening cake we kept traditional and didn't follow our sometimes gaudy tendencies.  We think it worked very well being all white and didn't look out of place on the red and white table.

We were delighted to be asked to create a special table for a special little girl 

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Birthday Girl

So so busy with parties and cakes I never have a minute to post any photos!

Last week I made a little doll not for any of the parties but because my sister phoned me at 8pm "Do you have a doll I can have that will fit in a little bed?"  I started looking through Eliza's toys frantically searching for a little doll..."No not a used one" she says.  Well no I don't have a stash of unused dollies lying around my house...my present drawer(s)/cupboard/spewing out of every available space/are good but they are not that good.  Actually I did have two dolls but they were not the right size :o Haha.  I was then on a mission to sew up a little mouse from a kit I have lying around but I quickly searched my beloved pinterest for inspiration and came up with a little felt Babushka doll.  I didn't follow a pattern I just cut as usual.  But very similar to this pin which I think might have a template.

I had felt letters from a previous project so I sewed an "S" (the little birthday girl's initial) onto a pink circle then sewed the pink circle onto the purple number 8-ish shape.  I then made a little face with hair and sewed this onto a green circle with scarf shape.  I sewed the green scarf section down onto the purple number 8 shape.  I then sewed a purple backing number 8-ish shape, leaving a gap to add some stuffing, before sewing closed.  Very simple and took about an hour and a half.  It is the perfect size for a little one year old.

This is the little bed Uncle Grant (of lego board fame) made including a little sewn sheet (my sister) and a knitted blanket and pillow (Granny Norma of Abnormal Knits!).  Soooo cute!

And here's little "S" sleeping in her new bed.

Happy Birthday little S. xxx

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Up market Easter picnic

Our Easter picnic every year is hilarious...tubs of marg, loafs of bread and packs of ham just purchased on the way to the picnic.  This year I warned them all we were going up market and to get their picnics in order.  I have been pinning a bit but hadn't really planned a table because I am busy with Finlay's party plans but it got to Friday and me and my sister decided we really should put in some effort.

Eatser biscuits... Uncle Grant kept changing this to Teaser and I tried to fix it but ended up with Eatser!  Haha I can't spell!

That's better :) Recipe for these here.


Mini quiches and crackers 

 Cheese board and sweets
My little Easter Bunny! I have been practicing my face painting -my gran thought she was a tiger!

Two face - very Easter-ish!

 A bunny in the hedge

 Easter banner

Marshmallow lollypops

Little gingham cover for the potato salad

Easter picnic up market style with bunting, wicker and brown paper.  The other guests at our picnic still brought their marg in a tub, ham in a packet and uncut breadsticks....however there were homemade shorties, custard creams and cranberry biscuits so they were allowed on our table:)

 There were also mini trifles I made which are so cute - I found these little jars in Ikea and have been waiting to use them for something brilliant like this.  

I also found these bottles in Ikea and filled them with cherry juice and pear and elderflower juice

Not so up-market drinks station!  There were 8 adults so we had a flask each - I don't know how much tea and coffee we thought we were going to get through!  It was quite a cold day - still some snow on the ground but much better weather than we expected!  

So good to keep the Easter tradition going with a picnic whatever the weather but a nice change to eat such lovely picnic food! 

Happy Easter 2013!