Sunday, 30 December 2012

Marshmallow Fluff Fudge or Flu-dge :)

Months ago I came across a recipe I was writing down when I came to marshmallow fluff so stopped there - an American ingredient I couldn't get in the UK.

Then I found this...and I had to buy it of course:)

But I couldn't find the recipe I first saw the ingredient in :(

I couldn't even remember what kind of recipe it was....and I have spent so much time on the internet looking at TONS of recipes I have no hope of ever finding it again.  My first check was through my pinned foods but no luck.  It could even have been pre-pinterest!

So the marshmallow fluff sat about in my cupboard for a few weeks wondering what to do with itself .  Today I found 5 spare minutes away from my newest hobby - Mario on the 3DS!!  I can't get enough of it.  Obsessive tendencies coming through again I know!

I found a recipe for marshmallow fluff fudge here.  I got a new sugar thermometer for my Christmas itching to be used

I set about making my marshmallow flu-dge ;)

 Look how white and Christmas-sy this looks

It smelt delicious :) Finlay thought I was making him custard!

 Brought to boil for 10 minutes - soft ball on my new thermometer :) How did I ever make anything like this before I had the thermometer?? And look how brown it turned!

And it feels sooooo soft!  It slipped out of my pan so easily and cut smoothly.

A lovely slice of marshmallow flu-dge.  Can't wait for my cup of tea tonight:) 

I will parcel some of these up for First Foots too since we only have one more day of 2012 left -  I surely won't eat all of it by then?? :D 

Recipe for marshmallow flu-dge 
300ml condensed milk 
1 jar Vanilla Marshmallow Fluff  
350g caster sugar 
100g unsalted butter 
¼ tsp salt 

Mix all ingredients in pan over low heat until sugar dissolved and butter melted.  Bring to boil, boil for around 10 minutes  stirring continuously until sugar thermometer is at soft boil stage.  Remove from heat and cool for 5 minutes.  Pour into greased 8" tin.  

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