Friday, 22 March 2013

Superhero Cricut-ing

Well it is getting nearer birthday season in our family so I am getting organised for party number 2 of the year 2013.  I have always been into entertaining - I hate to have people round to my house and have no home baking to put out - but since the arrival of Pinterest in my life parties have never been the same!  People have sooo many ideas!  It really inspired me.  I think it was about this time last year that I signed up for  Pinterest and I have never looked back.  As soon as I heard about it I knew it was something I would love.  I get irritated and anxious if I have not pinned or looked at my pins for a few hours - work really gets in my pinning way :o

It is the best resource in the whole world for planning any event or task - the best thing since pen and paper :)  So I have been very busy pinning party ideas for the rest of the year.  My sister and I now advertise our dessert tables as a local business - where we live is not really ready for it in the scale I want - I want to move to America - people throw fantastic parties there!  We did do the Puppy Party earlier in the year as our first party for someone not in our family and it was really great fun to plan and organise.  I prefer doing that than it being a party I am hosting I think because I have to think about the real food items too which I have struggled with today - in life as in parties I hate to think about real food I love to think about cakes, sweets, biscuits and crafts :D.  However I found some perfect party food ideas from other pinners so I am feeling better about that now.

My plans for my big boy's party are Superman inspired - of course!  Finlay LOVES Superman.  He is my favourite hero too!  (On a different note even though he has TWO places to keep lego men he has managed to lose lego Superman :( Hopefully he will fly back from saving the day soon I miss that little guy.

There are so many hero parties out there!  I feel like Finlay is probably verging on too old for this theme but he loves heroes.  It is all he talks about and all he plays so why can't he have a hero party??  I have some big boy and girl games planned and who doesn't love a fancy dress party?

I have started with my crafting very early so I am not hunting around last minute for some crafting ideas.  I have had a great time this week drawing a backdrop, cutting out a banner using the Cricut and designing invites. I have completed my party bag crafting so I thought I'd share them with you.  I wrote down all my sizes as I went so if any of you have a Cricut or similar here are my hero crafting sizes.

Captain America

I cut out a white star size 1 and a white empty circle size 2 The blue filled in circle was size 1 3/4 and the red outer circle was 2 1/4 - inner red circle 1 3/4.  These were all using Cake Basics Cricut cartridge but I think most of these could be found on any basic cartridge.


 Simple yellow oval from Cake Basics size 2 1/4.  The bat I cut from Holiday Cakes cartridge size 1 1/2.  Batman fans will realise this is not the right bat and I did do some cutting to make it look more like the real Baman but Finlay told me this one was better.  Hopefully there are no die hard Batman fans who have a problem with these:)

 Again I didn't have a specific spider shape but I found this spider on the Cake Seasonal sampler cartridge size 1 3/4 and a simple red circle in size 2 1/2 which I drew web markings on by hand.

Green Lantern
An empty circle again but this time a thicker circle than Cake Basics - this one I found on Holiday Cakes under "fall" and worked with base shadow size 2 1/4.  I then just hand cut two rectangles to stick on the top and bottom.  The white circle behind is size 2 1/2.

Of course I have the Superman Cricut cartridge.  How could I not when we are such fans??  :) I have used it a few times - covering Finlay's jotter for school in superhero writing but all my other attempts have failed. I still struggle a lot with the Cricut to get it to cut what I want especially small images.  I almost never used it for cakes that's why it is now in my livingroom cutting paper! I cut the superman badge in red size 2 1/4, and the yellow inner badge slightly smaller at size 2.  I would have cut squares into Superman shapes if I didn't have the Superman cartridge and just used an ordinary S shape which would probably have worked fine but since I had the cartridge I thought I better get some use out of it!

So here is the Superhero party bag line up.  I just stuck the emblems onto paper bags in matching colours.  I am really pleased with them.  I saw quite a few pins of hero bags with hero pants I did consider but these were simple (especially with the Cricut - but could easily be done just cutting templates out by hand.) I can't wait to fill these with my hero themed party bag goodies.  

I will keep you posted on more of my Superhero plans.  

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