Monday, 4 September 2017

Woodland 6th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to Eliza my lovely little girl

Finally getting around to recording my party activity for the last year after having a beautiful baby boy.  I need somewhere to record all my parties because I stopped printing photos years ago and have no record of my babies' birthdays anywhere but here.  Even if no-one else ever reads this I will know where to look if I want to reminisce about their party themes.

Not a forced photo at all...

Here are my three lovely children all happy and friendly with each other as usual...  Finlay the moody (was then) 12 year old.  Still moody but a year older.  Sturrock the newbie and Eliza the girl squashed in the middle of her two brothers.  Sturrock is wearing a handmade dinosaur romper.  My favourite shops for these types of clothes are JMW Kids and Love Bee Baby 

The theme for Eliza's 6th birthday was woodland.  I am so glad I have moved house now and have a much more neutral background for any future parties.  That wallpaper is horrendous I can't believe I ever liked it haha.

I love to "shop" my house for things that will fit a theme and because I had a new baby I kept this all really simple.

The cake I made myself.  I was very last minute with it and hadn't really decided what I was doing until the day before and luckily Sturrock helped me by sleeping well.   I usually have a covered cake for birthdays but I really liked this one and could easily eat this right now...

The return of the "snail" wraps from Eliza's 2nd birthday.

A fish bowl didn't really fit the theme but possibly there is a pond in the woods?  Teddy bear crisps tick the box though

Cake and meringues standard party food at mine!

Chocolate raisins and nuts in cute little boxes from dotcomgiftshop

Rubbish photo of mars bar krispies and rabbit shaped shorties

Empire biscuits - Finlay's favourite so Granny delivered! 

The picnic basket I inherited from a lady at work makes its appearance again!  Great prop for loads of themes 

Tiny toadstools - I loved these so easy and cute - raspberries with a mini marshmallow how simple! 

Again the star dishes might not fit the theme but they were white and useful :)

Awww she looks so little without her teeth 

Easy cupcakes to take home

I don't like to cut the cake for people to take home I find it way easier to have cupcakes pre-boxed in the party bags so I can sit back and enjoy all of the cake party.  I also always have the fear that all the cake will be eaten and I won't get enough haha I am greedy like that. 

Party bags

My go to party bag is a brown paper bag but I ran out of time and didn't deorate or do anything exciting here but with a little bird gift tag (again dotcomgiftshop) they were good to go.  Inside this year's bag were little woodland themed note paper, hedgehog nail files, animal temporary tattoos, a pen, rubber, badger plasters (random!), hedgehog and badger hair clips, woodland magnetic bookmark (all dotcomgiftshop) and as usual I made some felt animals

Owl, fawn, fox, squirrel, bird, hedgehog and toadstool 
I left these to the last minute (don't I always?) and they are really quite ugly haha.  Made them into brooches this year so they could be pinned to somewhere.  Always wish I kept a full set for myself of my felt creations but I am always so glad to be finished the ones I need for the party I couldn't think of anything worse than making extras!

Here they all are waiting for their new homes in the party bags

I wish I could choose a theme early and start making the felt rather than the stress of a cake, felt animals, party bag shopping and prop "shopping" the house.  But even her 7th birthday party  I knew the theme way in advance and I still ended up finishing sewing little animals at 6am the morning of the party.  My only excuse is we just moved house and the only finished room was the room the party would be in (and it was only finished a few days before)

I am looking forward to having lots more parties in my neutral new home for Eliza and Sturrock - Finlay I am pretty sure would die of embarrassment if I even suggested a themed party for his 14th??  But maybe by the time he is 18?

Eliza with her baby brother such a good big sister to him


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