Monday, 17 December 2012

Present Wrapping

Finally I have wrapped all my presents!  It does not help that some people have December birthdays! e

A few from the mountain I wrapped today

And the birthday presents...
SO impressed with my brown paper roll that has still not run out.  I always run out of wrapping paper!  I can't even remember where I bought it or how long it was but probably Amazon - when in doubt I always order from Amazon :) 

 This time I hot glued the button on - no need to waste time sewing that was crazy!!

Little green flower button 

Slightly boring - pushed for time!

And my Christmas presents this year followed the same brown  paper theme...

                                                             Stenciling - not over that yet!             

So my presents this year have a red and white thin ribbon I found on an ebay shop and a Merry Christmas ribbon I cut and made into a bow ( I got this Merry Christmas ribbon free from my favourite gift shop Cox and Cox just for placing an order!) 

Some of the presents have a bow made out of the same red and white ribbon instead

And some have red and white twine instead of ribbon because that did run out :( 

Very simple and the stenciling saved me lots of gift tags!  Scrimping and saving so I can craft more next year :) I used my gold sharpie pen I showed you last time

If I had sent Christmas cards this year I would have written them in these...:D Merry Christmas

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  1. When we were kids, our mother would let us cut a potato in half. Then we would cut the half into some sort of shape, dip it in paint, and use it to stamp our brown paper to make it colorful wrapping paper!


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