Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Birthday Girl

So so busy with parties and cakes I never have a minute to post any photos!

Last week I made a little doll not for any of the parties but because my sister phoned me at 8pm "Do you have a doll I can have that will fit in a little bed?"  I started looking through Eliza's toys frantically searching for a little doll..."No not a used one" she says.  Well no I don't have a stash of unused dollies lying around my present drawer(s)/cupboard/spewing out of every available space/are good but they are not that good.  Actually I did have two dolls but they were not the right size :o Haha.  I was then on a mission to sew up a little mouse from a kit I have lying around but I quickly searched my beloved pinterest for inspiration and came up with a little felt Babushka doll.  I didn't follow a pattern I just cut as usual.  But very similar to this pin which I think might have a template.

I had felt letters from a previous project so I sewed an "S" (the little birthday girl's initial) onto a pink circle then sewed the pink circle onto the purple number 8-ish shape.  I then made a little face with hair and sewed this onto a green circle with scarf shape.  I sewed the green scarf section down onto the purple number 8 shape.  I then sewed a purple backing number 8-ish shape, leaving a gap to add some stuffing, before sewing closed.  Very simple and took about an hour and a half.  It is the perfect size for a little one year old.

This is the little bed Uncle Grant (of lego board fame) made including a little sewn sheet (my sister) and a knitted blanket and pillow (Granny Norma of Abnormal Knits!).  Soooo cute!

And here's little "S" sleeping in her new bed.

Happy Birthday little S. xxx

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  1. Awe she is cute!! Thank you for the comment on my blog too - I'm going to make Pinterest Monday a permanent feature so please join in if you get the chance :)

    1. Thanks Debbie. Thats great - make me do something with my pins! x


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