Thursday, 2 November 2017

Downstairs Shower Room

We have recently moved to a house that has two bathrooms.  I only had a downstairs bathroom in my last house.  With everyone's towels and showering accessories strewn everywhere it was difficult to keep on top of daily with the fear that a visitor would need to use the toilet.

Now I have the upstairs bathroom for everyone's cleaning needs and downstairs is way easier to keep organised for that desperate visitor (so far it has not happened but I'm ready for you! ⚥)  There was a shower already installed when we moved into the house and we wanted to keep it as a shower room because it is always handy to have two but so far we have all been using the upstairs bathroom so it's a win for me.  I would rather keep it that way than have to worry that my 7 year old has left shampoo streaks or my teenager's pants are left on the floor (I wouldn't make a surprise visit to my upstaiurs bathroom as you are quite frequently met with underwear 😷)

I am disappointed in my photography and that this is the only picture I seem to have of the 'before' but you get the picture.  Lovely lemon sink, matching toilet to the right hand side and that's the shower you can just see beside the sink.  This is mid destruction of the foam tiles that lined the roof.  The electrician came to see the house to see the work we needed done and he immediately switched the light off in here and told us not to use it again as they were sunken in downlighters that were touching (and heating up) the foam.  I am sure the people who lived here before never had an issue and hopefully Graeme was just being over cautious but we quickly got rid of that ceiling!  🔥🚒

Right under the stairs this little cupboard also has access to the foundations below

You could not make up the story we have about the shower tray.  It honestly took months of back and forth to finally get this blooming thing fitted!  We ordered two shower trays exactly the same for upstairs and downstairs.  With so many tradesmen in the house and deliveries every day the shower trays were signed for and we thought no more about it.   When it came to fitting the upstairs one the plumber realised they were two different tray sizes that had been sent.  I phoned the company and they said they would collect the tray and deliver another one (after a bit of a battle to tell them I had not ordered the wrong tray they had sent the wrong tray).  The next week came the day for collection and delivery - I received the correct sized tray and the boy took the wrong one away.  One day later while I was out a different driver came to the door and said to one of the tradesmen he was there to collect the faulty tray so unknowingly he gave away the correct shower tray to the second driver.  I came home to find out I now had no shower tray!!!!  Again onto the telephone to the company who could not understand what had happened.  Weeks went by with them trying to trace it and me having to phone over and over and explain the story to countless people before they finally sent me the correct tray.  We hid it away from anyone until it was time to be fitted :D That merry day came and lo and behold the bl##dy thing had a massive chunk out of it.  We could not face any more of the hassle so we got it fitted and now live with it :(   

 As it was least of our priorities with having an upstairs bathroom useable it looked a mess for a few months but eventually after the shower tray saga we were ready to get it organised.  We picked tiles from Wickes for the floor and two of the walls
The shower room is under the stairs like a little Harry Potter cupboard :)   My Dad painted the little cupboard white - this looks like the first coat. 

We got some panelling on the roof as it quite a low ceiling for the shower to be under and didn't want it to go mouldy (although I don't plan on anyone routinely using the shower anyway!)

 Shower screen on
 Sink fitted
 Toilet fitted and cupboard second coat of paint
 Finally looking more like a shower room

 Heated towel rail and some Maison du Monde towels
The steps leading down to the shower room from the lobby - we don't have a handrail as we are all used to it but both sets of parents have said we need one.  Do we???  It is quite dangerous...

 Added some finishing touches but it still needs more - going to paint the old tiles on the top of this cupboard white

I just washed and re-hung the little lace curtain that was originally there when we moved in because I really like it in the tiny window.  A Kilner bottle with a little bunch of carnations in it - I have always loved bathroom flowers.  Grant used to be quite offended when he gave me a bunch and I would put them in a vase in the bathroom but they really brighten it up.

 Looking for some bits and pieces to complete the room like a soap dispenser and toilet roll holder but otherwise very happy with the transformation

              ^^   BEFORE ^^                                                                   ^^  AFTER  ^^

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