Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Loving the livingroom

So we moved into the house of our dreams in the summer after updating every single room.  It was a really busy time getting all 5 of us settled in and I loved every minute of it (well maybe not every minute!)  There were a lot of decisions to make and each one seemed so important at the time I don't know that any of them would have made a huge difference but I am so happy with most of the choices we made.  There are a couple I don't like to dwell on but were mostly driven by cost which was obviously a major consideration in a project so big.

I already shared the pantry and the downstairs shower room transformation so going to show you the livingroom today.  Now Christmas is past I have some time on my hands again.

The livingroom was a huge selling point for the house.  The lovely bay window looking onto the South facing garden we could see the potential from our first viewing.

I loved the velvet mustard curtains although my husband was not so keen and unfortunately they were so sun damaged I didn't get the chance to convince Grant we were keeping them 😃 I do plan to make cushions from the fabric but as with most of my grand plans I never seem to have the time (or maybe just make the time).

 One of the first jobs *we* did (I tidied after the work got done I didn't do very much in terms of actual renovations 😃) was to remove the old fireplace and stonework and to centre where the fire would be positioned although we didn't plan on a wood burner at that time (now the winter has been and we see how cold the old house is I am so so thankful we got the wood burner!)

                                                                          Tiny helper
                                                                          Big helper

For the whole of the downstairs (apart from the shower room) we picked engineered hard wood flooring which I love!

We had to get special fireproof boarding for the fireplace and we got this lovely slate hearth from a fairly local stonemason.

And after a long long loooooong wait the wood burner was installed.  When we eventually came to fit the woodburner we had delivered in summer (we left it packaged up in the garage until the day of installation.  Bad move!  Especially after our shower tray fiasco should have known better!)  the glass was broken 😢.  We had to wait for the glass to be delivered which took a lot longer than they stated.   Really disappointing.  My husband managed to fit the glass himself which was lucky because we would have had another wait before the wood-burner-glass-fitter-person we heard about would be ready :)

The fire guard was a bit of a disappointment I got from eBay thinking it was a good price for a babydan but it must be fake because the screw holes are all in the wrong place.  Wish I had just paid the full price but I do love a bargain.

 We got the tv unit from the Next sale and I am really happy with it - although I would prefer an antique old fashioned unit - this suits us just fine for now and I like the scandi looking legs on it - plus it has plenty of space to hide the dvd player, wii and all sorts of wires and junk.

Our couches we bought from DFS after living with our old suite for a few months but hating how awful it looked!
 I am actually not that keen on the cushions and plan to get around to making those mustard yellow curtains into cushions sometime soon....
 Especially to match these babies!!!

I love love love these chairs so much - they were our most scary purchase though!  I was scared I was making too bold a colour choice but I just love how they make the livingroom feel.  These were also in a sale from Gillies

We took a long time to decide what we were doing about the windows - the view is so good I didn't want blinds or curtains that might detract from that.  But the further into winter we got (especially without the wood burner going in until December) the further the cold got into our bones - those beautiful old windows are not the best for heat conservation 😰 so we finally picked some curtains.  While I was in hospital getting surgery to cure my horrendous sciatica my Mum and Dad hung the curtains for us - I just cannot get a pencil pleat right.

We had to get the curtains taken up because the windows are an awkward size.  I got them from Terry's Fabric but not that impressed by them - the seams are off and they twist now they are hung up but because we got them taken up we didn't see that in time to send them back.  Yet another live and learn moment....  Other than that I like the neutral look of them and we bought two sets so they could hang in four places - one extra wide pair and one standard width.  Now the fire is in we don't always shut the curtains at night because I do like to look out at the sparkly lights of the town but there have been some very cold nights that needed the fire on and the curtains shut!  These windows are the next project to be tackled before we have to go through another winter with the chill factor.  When we moved in we replaced all the upstairs windows but the downstairs ones will be as and when we save the money and don't decide to spend it on something more exciting!

Some of the details:

 For Christmas my sister gave us this yellow throw which  brings the mustard together from the chairs
 Got this lovely handmade shelf from Fallon Knowles  - even though I put myself on a spending ban I loved this and bought it as soon as she posted it on Instagram
 My husband is the best - instead of questioning me when I said I spent money we don't have he said I could have it for Valentine's day and I should buy a succulent to go on it 💌
 The chandelier is from Laura Ashley
 While I was lying recuperating on the couch from my back surgery I directed Grant with his list of jobs  :D The printers tray got hung up

And the gallery wall after much deciding on placement.  Poor baby number three doesn't have a photo printed out.  I have rectified this now!

 I love how it has all come together - still bits and pieces to add and I would prefer an actual rug but for now we have a car mat permanently out :) Broom broom broom 🚌🚅🚴🚒

Handmade bird lampshade HandmadebyLauraK
Antique little pear = charity shop wedding present 🍐
Second hand painted table

 Little Cox and cox birds my son won in a bottle stall!
Little handmade pumpkins I stole from a wedding 🙈 - I did confess to the bride a few weeks later that I had taken the centrepieces and she said fair's fair she stole a knitted heart from our wedding!!  Hahaha

                                                                      Urbanara blanket

Cox and cox birds
Debenhams mini cake stand
Rose and Grey star lantern
Lots of shelf space for all my little trinkets 

Tiny yellow house from Glenshee Pottery 

Second hand lamp (got two of these was so happy with myself)

        From outside in
Love these little lead lined windows they are so cute 

Couldn't get to the end of this post and not mention I started a new little venture selling handmade wooden decor  called Wairoa Wishes - these blocks are one of the things I sell.  Would love it if you followed on Facebook or Instagram to see what else I do - orders can be taken via Etsy, facebook messenger or direct on Instagram  

Anyway...hope you liked the transformation of the livingroom.  I share photos of the house renovation on my Instagram page if you want to follow along and see more


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