Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Little Miss and Mister Men 5th Birthday

I have been terrible at updating this blog!  Had a wedding and now a baby on the way so that's my only excuse ;)   I had a fantastic time planning the wedding - will do a blog post on everything I made one day!  My photos are all jumbled and my laptop takes forever to go through them all so it puts me off but today I have finally got round to sorting out the Little Miss and Mister Men party photos from last year.

 Eliza's birthday cake

 Mr Men cheeses

 Cannot believe my little girl is 5!

 I originally made her outfit for World Book Day at school but they told me that week they were having a pirate theme!!  Very annoying last minute theme when I had been prepared early for a change - so that decided Eliza's party theme!
 Colourful party table
 Lots of sweets
 And some fruit :)
 Simple decorations this year with my wedding a couple of weeks later I kept it quite tame with shop bought Mr Men decorations

All the sweets were part of my sweety table for the wedding - you will be glad to know the kids didn't eat them all :D

Paper lanterns with felt Mr Men faces 

She only kept her outfit on for a wee while but she loved her Spanish high heel shoes!

I loved making the party bags for this party - my favourite felt decorations! 

 For every bag I gave a Mr Men or Little Miss book and matching felt toy

And put them in a matching coloured bag along with the usual sweets, cake and balloon.  Great fun!