All about me

Things have changed drastically for me over the past few years - I have gone from being the single mum of two to being married with a husband and another baby on the way :) How time flies...<3

My hobbies include crafting - I have always cross stitched but it is so expensive to frame them I have lots lying around my house unframed :(  I am quite a new owner of a sewing machine and I have lots of plans for it.  Most of my ideas I have found through pinterest - my true love.  Is there anything better than a stolen few minutes on pinterest?  When my internet was down earlier in the year I almost cried I would not be able to pin for over a week!!  I have lots of pinned ideas ready for me when I have some free time that I am not pinning.

I love to bake.  Not cook...bake.  I hate to cook.  I hate to plan meals and I really don't like making food that my kids won't eat.  So I bake.  My boy hates all my baking.  My girl would eat practically anything.  So me and her will get chubby together while he stays a skinny malinki.  

Finally I love Scotland - I did love my holiday to Florida and Canada and would love to go back for holidays - but Scotland has it all.  The countryside is beautiful.  I don't have to go far from my house and I am in the country surrounded by peaceful perfect scenery and I don't need to go in a car to see it.  

I decided to blog for my own benefit really to have someplace I can put the things I have made and someone somewhere might like to see them.  I love to see other people's genius ideas and use them for my own parties and life.

On the horizon for me is a house extension so I will have plenty of scope to pin and dream about my perfect house and with a new baby on the way I have lots of years ahead of me of birthday parties and home made dressing up costumes.


  1. hey there!
    I stumbled across your blog today through pinterest! You have some awesome ideas and I hope you don't mind if I use some of them (those finger puppets are awesome). And I wish that I could make a cake like yours, oh my goodness it looks fantastic. The last time I tried making a cake I attempted a marshmellow fondant and needless to sucked. Well keep up the good work! Good day to you!

    1. Hi!I just found this comment along with another one on my quiet book post I don't know why I didn't receive a notification,:( I am so sorry it took so long to reply. Thanks for leaving a comment I would love you to use any idea you see and I'm sure you will make a better job than I have I have no patience so everything is pretty dodgy! I've not blogged for a while now been very busy but now I've reminded myself about it I will start posting what I've been up to! Thanks and sorry again for missing your comment x


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