Monday, 27 July 2020

Icecream Parlour 10th Birthday

Another birthday...another theme

Love the colours of these paper lanterns - we had these for our wedding 5 years ago and they look exactly like icecream flavours. 

Icecream cake with icelollies 🍦

Used the little kids' icecream shop toy to fit in nicely on the display 
Icecream cone biscuits for this theme - I do have a lot of cutters so any theme can have a biscuit to match πŸͺ

Brought the popcorn maker out 
Found these marshmallow cones in Home Bargains - that shop always has a random thing to suit a theme  
Toppings for the icecreams 
Gave Eliza a  slushie / snow cone maker for her birthday - this has been lots of fun 

Rex London also always has a good sale just before Eliza's birthday and I get a lot from there to display at the birthday parties - ice cream themed erasers which doubled up as party bag favours when her friends were leaving

Top view of her cake 

Mint choc chip icecream biscuits 

Strawberry icecream biscuits 
Chocolate icecream biscuits
and vanilla icecream biscuits 
Handy little icecream cone stand 
Flakes for a 99

Icecream cone sweets 
Cherry sweets 
Slushie / snow cone flavours 

The menu 🍧🍨🍿🍦

I didn't do any party food for this one other than the sweet foods - we just got chips in ands it was so easy!  Definitely the way forward for parties.  Who needs pizza, sandwiches and hotdogs anyway? πŸ•πŸŒ­πŸ₯ͺ

As always it is Grant's birthday the next day so he gets a token cake and it is usually golf themed - even though he never gets any time to actually golf anymore because we have had so much work to do in the garden. 

We are almost there with the garden and can hopefully share more photos soon. The patio got completed in time for the birthday bbq and it is looking great

The turf is growing in nicely and the trampoline that lived here is now going to the bottom of the garden that we have been levelling up (for months!!!) Fingers crosssed this happens soon because we have been working really hard to get it done.  Keep your eyes peeled πŸ‘€

Fathers Day Afternoon Tea

For my birthday my sister got me an afternoon tea  delivery, which was amazing - especially because we were living through Covid-19 lockdown so our usual cuppies out and about had been halted.  When it came to Fathers Day a few weeks later though we thought we could manage it between ourselves for our Dad, our husbands and our father-in laws. 

Between us we made...

Meringues (of course!)
Various fillings in rolls and wraps
Banana nutella mini loaves, rolo rocky road and chocolate truffles 
Mini quiches and (bought) sausage rolls 
Mini lemon cheesecakes 

Mini victoria sponges 

 We delivered our selection out to the father in laws and had a socially distanced picnic with the husbands and our own Dad.  It was really lovely.  The amount of food was amazing and all very tasty even if we do say so ourselves 🀣 

We did have a little practice run a few weeks before with just me and my sister and the kids and it went very well.  There is no wonder I am suffering from a lockdown gut but I have enjoyed the process πŸ–πŸ·πŸ½

What is not to love about an afternoon tea?  Loads of food with tons of flavour and you get to keep eating until it is finished.  Need another excuse for an afternoon tea soon! 

4th Birthday Lockdown Heroes

We celebrated Sturrock's 4th birthday during Covid-19 lockdown.  By this time he basically only wore superhero outfits and had ditched real clothes so of course it had to be a hero party for him.  I have already done a superhero party for Finlay's 9th party so I did have a few things left over from that like the little emblems on the window and a game of hero beanbag toss. 

Difficult for him to pick a favourite so we went with four heroes - Batman, Flash, Hulk and Spiderman. 

Had fun with the biscuits for this theme.  
Every party even a tiny one with just us needs a top hat 
Made some honeycomb and covered it in chocolate. 
Our little hero 

Iron man (so dodgy 🀣🀣🀣)
Captain America
He loved going through these to pick his favourites
Captain America fruit shield

Like his big brother before him what hero party would be complete without a little batman sister?
We got lovely weather for his day so we spent it outside playing hero games 

We had a Fake-Donalds since it was shut 🀣🍟

Complete with a little playmobil toy
I love birthdays and I LOVE cake!  Happy birthday to our mini hero

Eliza's 4th birthday theme was Under the Sea