Friday, 1 November 2019

Autumn 1st Birthday

A very quick year!

Autumn is my favourite time of year and even more so now I have our little baby girl's birthday to celebrate.

These were a bargain Amazon buy and although they took weeks to arrive they were here just in time - there were tons in the packet for mega cheap and they are great quality thin fabric.   I attached them to invisible thread and they looked so good floating down from a branch.

I have always wanted a white pumpkin and this year is the first time we have gone pumpkin picking.  I cut out the letters using the Cricut and some glitter jotter cover paper I found in Tesco.  Also a bargain!  What happened to using wallpaper to cover a jotter?!  I also cut out the letters for my backdrop from this glitter paper and a roll of pink.

Great advice!

Pinks and golds for my baby's 1st birthday 😭
We had so much fun collecting conkers and acorns in the run up to the party
Pumpkin empire biscuits - dairy free.  Ivy has cows milk protein allergy and I feed her so have been dairy-free for 9 months.  Like Sturrock's third birthday party if I am baking it I am eating it so have been doing lots of dairy-free baking the past few months!

I think I have a pumpkin obsession - the big bronze one and small gold are from  TK Maxx, the pink fabric ones are from Shop Willy Nilly as well as the other fabric ones dotted about the table.  The silver, gold and bronze light up pumpkins are from Lights 4 Fun - these are so cute lit up at night.  I love decorating for Christmas so this will take me through to my tree going up 😜

Dairy free chocolate brownies and raspberry ruffle brownies (with egg)
Autumn first birthday cake - also dairy free but containing egg
I saw this pasta in TK Maxx and thought it would go great with the party theme - pumpkin shaped Autumnal colours
Stovies is a great crowd pleaser at this time of year
The spreads
Charcuterie board - mostly dairy free
Tango fruit twist - I love how this drinks dispenser fits lots of themes - it looks pretty pumpkin shaped for this party but beehive shaped at the farm party.

It is incredible that we are celebrating her 1st birthday already - she still seems so new to me!

 I loved this party theme - so pretty and easy to put together.  I was also able to re-use lots of it a couple of weeks later for Halloween.

                 Happy birthday beautiful girl!

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Woodland Baby Boy Shower

What a lovely morning we had celebrating the impending arrival of a new member to our little Tuesday club.  Just a few more weeks until we meet the little man and we cannot wait.

After a shaky start where our pregnant buddy messaged to say she wouldn't make it today we managed to convince her to change her mind and come along or she would have missed her surprise shower!

Anne made the Baby Boy sign and now we all want a shot of the wood burning pen 🖋

 Chocolate log cake (another dairy free cake because Ivy cows milk protein allergy and I'm breastfeeding)  We had a dairy free farm party for Sturrock's 3rd birthday so I could eat everything there too 🥛⛔🐄

 Woodland trail mix

 Scones - made these fresh this morning and they were the best ones I've made so far.  Not dairy free I used them as part of the milk ladder but unfortunately Ivy has reacted to them 😭

 Toadstool raspberries (made these for Eliza's woodland party too)
 Laura made these  - acorn marshmallows

 Red sweets - I love a colour themed sweet for every party theme :)
 Laura made these too - peppermint cremes

 Not all unhealthy 🍇
 Such a lovely party theme for a baby shower
 Ready to pop popcorn

A little hamper of new baby clothes with a woodland theme 

Anne's handy work again - a woodland nappy cake

We only decided the theme a few days before but we went with it and it looked great - as always I love shopping the rest of the house to gather a theme together.  I have done a woodland theme before for Eliza so I had a few props ready to go.  I think I could do almost any theme now though 🤣

Ivy wore a little romper to fit the theme too and it turned out to be almost one year to the day since the girls threw me my baby shower for having Ivy and look at her now!  Why does that go so quickly? 😭😢⏲

Before I know it I will be posting about her first bitrthday party.

Deciding the theme very soon! 🥳🎉

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

3rd Birthday Dairy Free Farm Party

Sturrock does not need to be dairy free... but his baby sister does and I am feeding her and I love to eat plus I was making all the food so the party was almost entirely dairy free 🙋

Some healthy farm fresh snacks

Cocktail sausages 

  Mini cupcakes in the barn windows

 Milk bottles full of white marshmallows
 Milk (the only dairy at this dairy party 🤣)

along with strawberry and chocolate milk in my little milk bottles - these were from my wedding I made shortie ingredient favours like these ones

 Pick your own strawberries
 and blueberries
 Found these carrot sweets at Easter and held onto them for my theme
 Loved these little bags for the pringles to look like tatty sacks - they are Lidl bakery bags folded down on themselves
I have yet to do a party or event where a meringue doesn't feature and Ivy was still reacting to eggs at that time so made these aquafaba meringues.  They worked great!  For any egg intolerances these are just like the real thing - they just smell funky while mixing them up :) 

 The star of the show is always the cake - pretty basic field cake with a few fondant animals and a John Deere - Sturrock loves a John Deere he had a saying for a while if he really wanted me to agree to something it was a John Deal 🤣🤣🤣
 Been a while since a gingerbread made an appearance at one of my parties ( here, here and here) but I loved this so much to go with the theme and dairy free version tasted great
These however didn't taste that great although the kids all seemed to like them.  Chocolate flavoured just isn't the same as chocolate is it?  I really miss chocolate the most out of going dairy-free.  Ivy has cows milk protein allergy and is allergic to soya so it has been very hard going for me adjusting my diet.  Hundreds of people do it I know and I wouldn't have it any other way I am so pro-breastfeeding it wouldn't enter my head to use a forumla instead but could she not have been allergic to vegetables or something I wouldn't miss SO much?!  

 I used a dairy free empire biscuit recipe for these but didn't sandwih them together just kept them singular.  The empire biscuits I make out of this recipe are fantastic however I think they need their friend to keep them together - these were very crumbly and I did them again for my next party and same thing happened but in between times making them into empires this didn't happen so looking for a better dairy free biscuit recipe that will hold up to icing and also cutting into shapes.  Tastes great though so I wasn't complaining.

I love a tiny cupboard of cakes I did this at Eliza's third birthday too with a different cupboard and Muddy Puddles theme
 The birthday cake was sponge so I like to make the alternative chocolate cakes as cupcakes when I do a sponge birthday cake ya know in case there is not enough cake or I get bored of one flavour?! 😜  We took these to Tiny Talk with us for a mini party there too.  Sturrock is such a great signer he has over 200 signs.  These cupcakes were made without eggs - using aquafaba again as he replacement - and they were aqua-fab!
 Another dairy free treat - peanut butter cups.  I tried lots of different dairy free baking - I am so surprised more coffee shops and restaurants don't do dairy free baking because a lot of time there is only the switch of butter to dairy free spread and stork block is dairy free so it doesn't taste any different!  I have tried to tell a few local cafes how easy it is to cater to so many people who suffer but so far not been very successful although have had a couple of great finds along the way.
 Can't believe he is 3 already!  Time flies so fast.  Have absolutely adored being off work on maternity leave and getting more time back with my boyo as well as the baby girl. It doesn't seem long since I was uploading photos of Eliza's 3rd birthday how can it be Sturrock's turn?  So much has happened since her birthday not least getting engaged, married and having two more babies.  It's incredible to think I had no idea all this was ahead of me 💌  What will the next few years bring???
 A few shop bought items featured too because they fit the theme - hay bale Krispie squares
 and Oreo tractor wheels

 Put his Bruder toys to good use too as the cutlery, straws and plates dispensers

We had a great day celebrating with his friends he met at Tiny Talk and their mums who have become great friends.  We played a few games including pin the wheel on the tractor 

Some more homemade touches 

 As always I love a themed party bag to take home - I painted initials onto little plaques

 and made felt finger puppets to match an animal based book each

 A packet of sweets, an animal slap band and a piece of cake to take away = a lovely little party bag

 Goldilocks is a bit of a brute 🤭 I apologised to the child who received her 🤣

I love making things out of felt for party bags I have made so many things now to match my themes like Mr Men, Princess and the Wizard Under the Sea and Woodland

I upcycled an Ikea kitchen for his birthday too 

 My Dad made this lovely set to go with it - he is so lucky!  Homemade presents are the absolute best - well maybe when you are 3 but I imagine my 15 year old would say different 🤯🤣 I love this present so much.  They look great in his little cafe

I really do adore a party and a theme and this one was so easy and fun to shop my house for all the bits that would tie it together.  My favourite bit of putting the table together is going around the house looking at things in a different way to see if they could be incorporated.

Next party is Eliza's 9th!!