Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Party

Mothers Day morning this year for me was spent baking and preparing a little afternoon tea party for my mum, gran,sister, sister's mother in law and my mother-in-law to be (?!)... one day maybe haha.

      Some pom pom decor I love a pom pom <3

We had a lovely time eating plenty of sweet food - we considered afternoon tea with sandwiches but decided we wanted to focus only on the good part who wants a cheese sandwich when you can have an extra meringue?!

There were some savoury items...

                              Plain and cheese scones, do they count?

Cheesey straws - puff pastry rolled out and covered in cheese - I used gruyere, parmesan and cheddar.  Cut into strips and twisted, egg washed and placed in the oven for about 10 minutes.  Yum!!

     But mostly we ate sweet stuff :D

 Melting moments, mini victoria sponges, lemon drizzle cakes
                     and creme egg brownies

++Our Mothers Day Desserts Table ++

I love a desserts table or party table of any kind 

Check out our Easter table from last year will we repeat it this year or go back to bring the basics and make your own sandwich at the picnic table???  

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Felt Cat

Last year I made a Babushka doll last minute for a gift to fit in a homemade bed.

This year Sidney loves cats...

Very simple white felt with pink heart and a ribbon collar.  I have tons of buttons I bought for Eliza's quiet book so I sifted through them all and found the little pink star.

I saw this pin for the felt cat but it was just a picture so I can't credit whoever came up with it sorry!  It seemed pretty simple to follow for me who never draws just goes straight to cutting and usually at a really inappropriate time like this morning when I was looking after FIVE children - two of which are my own!  The gift is for Friday but I have two parties I am planning right now so I had a spare half an hour to get this finished.  The kids were playing happily and Finlay was making a rainbow loom bracelet for Sidney.

We are LOVING rainbow loom right now.  We have not mastered anything other than this basic design but we will sit and watch a tutorial one day soon!  Easter holidays just now so we are busy touring the parks with a picnic full of old Halloween and Christmas sweets :) Not good enough as a choice of sweet in the house but when you are out in the cold a chocolate coin goes down a treat :)

Party season soon Nerf and Cocktail parties coming soon!!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I Love a Tutu!

For not being a girly girl I am really turning into one!!

My love of tutus started when Eliza was 2.  Her second birthday party was a Ladybird Picnic and Eliza was dressed of course as a ladybird.  Pinterest had taken over my life and I wanted to try every craft going :) I already had bought a little red tutu in a sale though so I just added black felt circles through the layers and I loved it at the time 

But knew I wanted to go back and make a tutu myself - they looked so easy to do.  I found out from this pin how to cut tulle easily - and I bulk ordered TONNES of tulle!!!  I don't know what I thought I was going to do with it all but once I saw all the colours I couldn't resist!  I found them on an Ebay shop really cheap by the roll so ordered in every colour I thought would be useful!  Lifetime supply :) 

My friend's little girl is just a couple of weeks younger than Eliza so for her birthday I made her a tutu using these instructions
She is a huge Elmo fan so I cut out an Elmo face and stuck it to a red t-shirt.  Home made Elmo tutu gift <3

It was so simple - basically tying the tulle in knots around a ribbon.  Simples :) 

Unfortunately I also bought a blue tutu in the sale so Eliza still didn't get a home-mader for her cousin's space party - just some silver stars stuck onto her shop-bought one.

Still, how cute?!?!

But I was desperate to make my own tutu for Eliza

Our holiday to Florida was the perfect occasion

 My very beautiful Minnie Mouse <3 <3 <3

Once we were home it was time to make a new one for Hallowe'en 

 Superhero tutu!!
For this tutu I used this pin to satin wrap it with yellow ribbon.  This is really too big for her here but I knew I wanted to make them so they would last some time because even though I bulk bought quite cheap tulle it is still an expensive hobby!

And here she is with her friend in her Elmo outfit from earlier in the year :) 

 Next was another hero outfit - this time Batman for her brothers Superhero Party

SO cute Batgirl :) 

Look how big she got!!  10 months on and she has turned into this little lady <3

World Book Day 2014 and she was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.  The "hood" is very dodgy just an old Santa hat attached to a cape - not my best effort but left myself little time as usual!  And the old Minnie Mouse tutu still fits :) 

I am sure there will be more in the years to come especially judging by how much tulle I have left :)  Might need to have a tutu party this year!