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Superhero Party: The Food: Desserts Table

This year Finlay's birthday had to be a superhero party.  Finlay is OBSESSED with superheroes and can always be found in some dress up outfit or another.  It is all he asked for from every member of his family - a new outfit please....

                                    Dark Knight Batman - his newest costume 

I decided to give him a whole class party this year - he has only had one so far and he ended up with tonisilitis at it for his 5th birthday party- and it was pre pinterst/pre my party obsession so I really felt I had to improve on his party memories!  
Finally I have come to the end of all the plans, the stress and the crafting/caking madness...Finlay's superhero party is complete :) ...And it went really well!!!

I will cover the food we ate at the party in this post and next post I will cover the crafts and games.

So you know about my gingerbread obsession.  No table is now complete without some gingerbread.  I had considered a gingerbread building or a phone box but I decided on Captain America's shield.

 I used a star cutter and 2 circle cookie cutters a pyrex bowl and a plate to mark out the basic shape of his shield.  I rolled out a circle shape from gingerbread and marked on the outlines when the biscuit was still very soft straight from the oven
I then piped on the coloured icing - the white star on blue circle did look good until they bled into each other!  I should have waited for the star to dry before I moved on to the blue but typical me I have no patience! 

The cake

Superhero building cake 

Finlay chose his 5 favourite heroes and I themed the party around them: 

Captain America
Green Lantern
Tutorial for spiderman on my superhero party board on pinterest 
Dark Knight batman

 Desserts Table

Lollies with capes and masks - these seem to have fallen over - maybe some Kryptonite attacked them...

Hero coloured marhsmallow pops - I did intend to add a hero emblem to each of these but I ran out of time - this party was TOO big! 
 White chocolate fudge - I had a spiderman mask shape I filled with white chocolate fudge (recipe on this post I just missed out the cranberries for this party)   I then decorated his face with black royal icing sugar 

 Glass jars filled with sweets make every table look good...Strawberry laces, lances and tubes - wonderwoman lassos of course:), WHAMs! and two face oreo cookies


 Thor Hammers - mars bar kripspies - these fit any desserts table:) 

 Hero coloured straws

 Kryptonite/Red Krypto jellies

 KAPOW cakes! Mini chocolate and vanilla cupcakes 

Star gingerbread to go with Captain's Crunch gingerbread shield

Captain's Fruit Shield - strawberries, cheese, blueberries, and a cheese star

Star bowls with star shaped crisps

 BANGers! Mini sausages

Hero food labels

                                                                        "Hero juice"

Green Lantern Punch - lemonade with limes

Drinks table and hero coloured cups and plates

 Superhero water bottles 

 There were 35 mostly 8-9 year old children and they DEMOLISHED the food within minutes of letting them at it.  I have never come away from a party with so little left overs!  They are crazy!  The fruit shield went down well.  There were also mini pizzas and mini cheese and ham bites which don't seem to have been photographed and they were also a hit.  (The adults liked these too!) 

The sweets/oreos in jars lasted literally seconds!  And there was one lonely green jelly left over...

Unbelievable.  Superhero eating skills anyway! 

There is still plenty of cake left over because the party bags were already loaded with mini cupcakes in the cutest little cupcake boxes I got from Catseye Press all in hero colours:) 

Next post I am going to cover the crafts and games from the party 

          The heroes...I will miss these guys... they have been part of my day for the last 4 months! 

 Happy 9th Birthday to my own Superhero Finlay xxx

(Check out last year's Super Mario party for Finlay's 8th birthday - smaller scale party where I had only just begun with pinterest! )  

(...Or check out his 10th Birthday Nerf party!)

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