Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wire hanger

I told you I would show you my wire hanger.  I saw this wire chandelier at one of my favourite online shops (Cox and Cox) and went to order it.  Out of stock :(

I need this!!!  So I decided I could make this myself :)

I bought some wire from the hardware store :) I live in Scotland I always read blogs about hardware stores and I found one!

I made a rough circle and twisted the wire together using wire pliers (my sister won in a raffle!  Handy!)

    I  added these little twists

                                 And some of these S bends

A bit messy...needed a few bits and pieces straightened

And something to hang from it...

You know how I gingerbread!

                         And I ♥ twine

                                      ♥Homemade gingerbread biscuits strung up with
                       twine on my homemade wirework hanger

PS - here is a good website for you all to look at for tech news and gadget reviews -


  1. A cookie chandy? SO SO SO fabulous!

    (although my cookies would mysteriously have bites out of them within 24 hours...)

    1. :) thanks :) haha yes we have lots of gaps now - will need to hang some inedible decorations...


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