Thursday, 1 March 2018

Muddy Puddles Party

 Just realised I have never posted about Eliza's third birthday theme - she is going to be 8 this year!!

No idea how I missed this.  I loved this party!

Eliza loved Peppa Pig so we had a Muddy Puddles party for her third birthday.

         Such a pretty party theme raindrop backdrop, watering can full of marshmallow flowers, a tiny cupboard of tiny cakes , mini trifles....I could eat all this right now.

          White paper pompoms hanging above the table for clouds

 Every party needs a meringue - these are my go to baking choice for every occasion

                      My sister made some cookies



                        Marshmallow flowers

- do not make these ahead of time they have to be done that morning - the ones I made overnight shrivelled up and died :(

Mini cupcakes in a min cupboard - so cute!

Individual trifles made in the Ikea spice jars - I made these for our Easter picnic too

Chocolate gingerbread bites with nutella (see recipe at bottom of this post for similar)

July birthday so lots of lovely juicy strawberries in season

 The cake!
 All of the little characters Eliza loved to watch

 So fun to make these miniature versions out of fondant

All sitting on their own muddy puddle

It has been a long time since I made a little figure but these were actually quite easy to do and Eliza knew who they were supposed to be so job done :)

 We did have some savoury food too but that doesn't look as good as the dessert table!
 Umbrella babybell (I love babybell art check out Eliza's 2nd birthday party ladybirds here)

Mini quiches - these are great for any occasion so tasty and easy to serve hot or cold 

Little blue party bags - everyone had a little felt cloud attached - every party needs a felt decoration 

for other felt party bag decorations I have made 

Lovely little Snow White - how time flies.  How can she be 7 already??

Noone was allowed to eat the little characters she kept them in her room for a long time - yuck! Haha

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