Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Mario Party (Party Planner 2012 Number 1)

Well I can't possibly have a blog and not mention the fantastic parties we have had this year!

 First we started with Finlay's birthday party.   A complete surprise for him when he came home and his house had been taken over by Mario Kart!     Mario time!!!!

 Inspired by Amy Atlas I only included food that matched my Mario theme.  The kids ate spaghetti bolognese and pizza, moustache peppers and cucumbers and mushroom tomato/cheeses :) 

Then they were allowed loose on the sweets table:)

The cake was the star of the show - me and my sister made all the little bits and pieces you come across on Mario Kart (Finlay plays this on the Wii but I assume the objects are the same in every Mario Kart game??)

Finlay was 8 so the road was in the shape of an 8.    Watch out for those bananas Luigi :) 

Mario about to hit a box.  Bullet bill winning the race.....

                                 Luigi, a star and a bomb...

  Ghost, mushroom and a lightning bolt.  Red shell just peeking in the corner.
Chocolate cake of course :) Yum

Mushroom cake pop anyone?   I love cake pops for setting the scene of a party :) 
 King Boo's Mario, Luigi and star biscuits

Toad's Road - cranberry and white chocolate fudge
Mario-mallow and mario-mars krispies :)                                Yeah I know I need to work on my names!

The kids had moustache milkshakes to drink and shell jellies for pudding.       
 For party games there was a hunt for golden coins in the garden and pin the moustache on Mario and Luigi

 Excuse the dodgy drawings :) I was never good at art!

There was also a photo box I painted - again with the dodgy art - but they loved it.  They were all supplied with a moustache and a Mario or Luigi hat to wear for the party and got to take home a party box with some cars and stickers and of course a little cake with a mario kart object on top

The hats were bought from Amazon and I added felt badges I cut and stuck on with fabric glue..  The boxes were bought from here and I added badges I made from card.

Best.Party.Ever!! Yeah, Mario wins. Wahoo!

Join us for our Jubillee celebration next time......

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