Monday, 25 February 2013

Puppy Party (Party Planner No 1 2013)

My sister and I were delighted to be asked to do a desserts table for a little girl who was turning 4.  She wanted her theme to be puppy party so our first idea was a gingerbread kennel - you know how I love gingerbread houses!  

The little girl calls herself Fluffy Doggy so here is Fluffy's kennel :)   
Along with some puppy love biscuits and dog bones.

We went with a pink and white theme - nice and girly.

Alyssa banner cut out of craft paper on the Cricut
and stuck onto cricut cut circles strung on ribbon.  Mini pink and white pompoms.
Pink mini pup-cakes :) 

Puppy food in puppy bowls :) 

                Everything looks better on a stick :)

Pink and white meringues


Puppy birthday cake


Pink and white sweets

 Dog leads

     Jellies, strawberry mousse and strawberry milkshakes.
           (With a chocolate number 4 in the straws)

Mars bar krispies 

All with their own little bone label.  The party was so much fun and all the little boys and girls got their faces painted so there were lots of little puppies eating the puppy food (cereal!).   Lots of planning and preparation and it all went perfectly - the kennel was still intact at the end of the party (mum's request!) but I hear it is due for demolition soon :) 
We got a lot of inspiration from pinterest as usual

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           Hope you enjoyed seeing our newest party =)

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