Friday, 15 March 2013

Cath Kidston ongoing project....

I have been very quiet since my two big posts on Puppy Party and Big Boy Quiet Book - they took a lot out of me!  But I have been quietly busy!  Cakes, biscuits, crafts...always something going on here.  I have also been working on a striped rug from a Cath Kidston book Stitch I was given last year for my birthday.  I started it last May and thought I would have it finished in a few weeks - it did say it would take months but I thought I would get through it much faster than Cath told me it would take!  Haha it is now March and I have only done about 20 rows...

This is the completed version in the book 

  The rows are all made out of different stitches.  It is great to learn new techniques - I usually only do cross stitch.


This pattern gives free reign to do any stitch you like with instructions for advanced stitches such as long-armed cross stitch, plait stitch, mosaic stitch and sloping gobelin stitch.  I still sit for ages before beginning each row deciding on the colour and then the stitch I am going to use next.

 My favourite stitches to look at are the plait stitches but these are very time consuming so I blame them for the time this project is taking!  
It will be so beautiful when it is finished though I love all the colours.

                                                                                             Here's my version

                     I still have a LONG way to go!
So when I am not baking, decorating my edible creations or eating them I can be found stitching!  I will keep you posted on how much longer this takes - goal is at least May 2015!  

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