Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dentist Cocktail Celebration and Gift

My friend recently qualified as a Dentist (Woop woop!) so we had a cocktail evening on Saturday to celebrate.   I made cran-raspberry fizz (recipe on this post) which is non-alcoholic as one of my friends was not drinking but still wanted to partake in the celebrations.  Me and Susan however added my most favourite drink Malibu.  Coconut rum just goes with everything!  And it was such a sunny day on Saturday all three of us were sunburnt and ready to be refreshed.

Susan also brought Funkin mixers and these worked brilliantly with our malibu and also some pear and elderflower juice I had lying around.  Very sweet and very delicious!  Our favourite combination was pear and elderflower strawberry woo woo Malibu - not easy to say after one of these:) But all of the combinations of Funkin we tried were really good I would definitely buy these again.

I of course had to make a little gift for Susan for passing all of her exams and as felt is my favourite I went with a felt tooth decoration.  Saw lots of these ideas on pinterest and have a couple of ideas pinned on this board

Really meant for a small child whose teeth is falling out but equally appropriate for a newly qualified Dentist - including a pound in the little tooth pocket!

The celebration went very well and was much less grown up than the last get together I posted about here - we reminisced about the old days when we used to go out and find boys to like before we had kids and fiances :)  It was a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.  We definitely intend to replicate this again sometime soon :)

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