Monday, 3 December 2012

Birthday Presents

Some present wrapping to show you today.  It was my friend Jody's birthday last week so I wrapped up her present in my new style of ribbon with a sewn on button.  This time I used a gold pen for my stenciling and outlined it in black.  I really like it :) Who knew stenciling could look so effective - well someone probably already knew this but not me!!  I love brown paper.  I would love to receive a present that looked like this.  I was so "wrapped" up in the present I forgot to give a card - maybe I will need to start making cards too!  New craft...I don't have enough time for the things I have on the go right now never mind a new craft to learn/pin/buy all the utensils for :D

Next it was my sister's birthday.  More brown paper...

 With a tiny knot detail.  (So small I don't actually think anyone noticed before I pointed it out to them :( ) I followed the same instructions as this headband tutorial, which I made Eliza's Jubilee headband from.  So simple but probably much more effective in thicker ribbon.  This was very fine silky wool and it was very stretchy so the knot got tighter and tighter as I transported the presents around.

This time for the label I used gold craft paper and a black biro with my stencils.  I also used a flower cutter which you can't see in these photos to hold the label on with a bow made out of the same white wool.  

 Here is my attempt at a ruffle cake for Gillian's birthday - I know I know the ruffles are totally wrong!  I could not fiigure out what I was supposed to be doing despite having a guide in front of me!  I think I know now how to make this - for my birthday Gillian made me an attempt at a ruffle cake and it also did not work so third time lucky we can perfect this cake :)

 I decided to do some canvas art for her birthday too - I had a canvas sitting about I had not used and I have the cricut so why not? - Looks like a child made it!  I didn't let them near it though - they were painting their own masterpieces for their aunty.  So I cut out Happy Birthday using the cricut and painted a small bit of the canvas in light blue.  I stuck the letters onto the wet paint then painted over the whole thing with dark blue paint.
 I bought these beautiful adhesive tapes the other day and HAD to use them - look how lovely they all are!

So I peeled off the Happy Birthday letters to reveal the light blue underneath and started on my taping - I thought a weave pattern would look good in the corner - and possibly it would have had I been able to keep them in a straight line!  Not altogether my fault - Eliza was hanging off my leg with her paintbrush in her mouth by this point - all at 7am by the way!!  - so the taping doesn't look great I know...

The paintwork near the lettering is also very dodgy and the whole things could probably have done with another coat but other than that if I had told you all I made this WITH my children maybe it wouldn't seem so bad :)  Haha.

Happy Birthday to you Gillian!

And here is Gillian's present for Jody - she likes brown paper too!

I can't wait to show you my Christmas decorations next time :) Hope you all have your trees up.  My house is looking very festive and I now have tons of lentils and split peas that no longer have a home...

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