Monday, 17 December 2012

♫ Gift for Music Teacher ♫

Tomorrow Finlay's music teacher is leaving for a new post so we decided to make him a little Christmas tree decoration to say thanks. 

Had to be a musical note!  We cut this out of black felt - just free style as usual I am too lazy to do anything properly and measuring out felt seems like too much effort!

Managed to find a nice little black and white ribbon out of my HUGE ribbon selection!! (I told you I had an unhealthy obsession with buying ribbon!)

♪ We were going to leave it like this and look for a card to give the teacher but when we were searching for an appropriate card we came across some music note craft paper and a blank card so we made this for him 

 I would love to receive such a personalised gift! 

I am looking forward to Finlay giving this to him tomorrow and Finlay is really delighted with his gift card.  So simple what you can knock up with a bit of felt and a needle. I think I will make some of these for my musical friends now. Any other ideas for personalised Christmas gifts like this?


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