Monday, 19 August 2013

Jungle Party

This time I will share our latest party we were asked to do.  Jungle theme!!

I had a very old suitcase of my Great Granny's I have always loved but it has just been in my attic because I don't have a good way of displaying it.  Jungle adventure old travelling suitcase!  And little crates we have from the kid's toy food and we were all set :) 

 The back drop we went greens and oranges and a pair of binoculars hiding in the vines.

For the name banner we cut out little tongue shapes and used the Cricut for the  lettering.

  In the crates were animal and leaf biscuits giraffes


The balloons matched the table perfectly and were purchased separately from a very talented local company

 The props for this table included a cardboard box with a FRAGILE label, a toy monkey and an ornamental birdcage

  The cake was made by the birthday boy's Grandad - what a talented Grandad :)

   Sweets to match the jungle theme - elephant trunks, jungle animals and snakes.

                                                       Jungle animal shaped lemon drizzle cakes

                Don't forget the healthy party foods: raisins or "dried ants" and grape "snake eyes"

  Themed cupcakes zebras, elephants, snakes and monkeys and some mini chocolate cupcakes with coloured buttons to match the theme

The finished table :) What a great theme to choose.  There were plenty more ideas we could have used on pinterest.  I hope we get to do this theme again someday soon :)

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