Monday, 19 August 2013

Double Oh 7 Party :)

The next party theme we covered this year was Spy Party/James Bond theme.
 Here is James Bond himself with his little bro

 Black and red themed table

The backdrop for this party was a map of the world with a torch, a magnifying glass and binoculars hanging from it

 Red and black themed sweets

 007 cake


Mini brownies and cakes

Drinks station

We all had such a laugh in the disguises! 

Gillian had lots of games organised like n I Spy jar of rice with mini items to find, a cap with a cup attached and people throwing cotton wool balls to try to get them into the cups, wearing tights on your head with a ball in each foot to knock over drinks bottles, a box of ping pong balls attached to a belt and worn on your bum to shake until the balls all came out.  all hilarious games for little 6 year olds (and the adults!!) 

Everyone made a little ID badge with fingerprints and spy stickers 

 And they all went home with a bag of evidence party bag including a magnifying glass, bombs (box of snaps), a pencil and pad of paper with a padlock and keys, mini cake and sweets.

How cute is mini Bond??? Our own little JB. xxx

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