Thursday, 4 December 2014

Golden Christmas

The last couple of years I have been changing my Christmas style from tacky and cheap to gold and beautiful!  I just took a look through my previous Christmas posts and I am much happier with my decor this year :) I think I was trying to fit in too many pinterest projects into my unsuitable space. This year I put out all my Christmas junk as usual but after a day I had to have a re-do.  I hated all the red.  My tree is gold again like 2012 but I have no second tree for all the red stuff so I tried to use it all in the livingroom and it looked ridiculous.

  I bought a wicker tree basket after that ridiculous tree box I made that year haha.  I love the basket it was from my favourite shop Cox and Cox and I added my hessian bow.  Much better :)

I was given the crate from one of my friends and I still have no idea what I am going to do with it I just know I love it - but saw it sitting in my lobby with nothing to do and had a brain wave to put all my wrapped parcels in it.  I <3 it!!  I had envy from my sister's sledge she has laid out in her new livingroom with presents on it but I don't have enough space to have it laid out flat so this will have to do until I get a bigger house :)  

 My fireplace is much less cluttered after my changes thankfully

 With my garland and some lights I allowed some red to stay

 I have been doing some crafting - I do love a finger puppet!  Some felt Christmas puppets I made for Eliza.  I also made a set for my three Canadian cousins.
 Here is a little sample of my obsession from this year - china sets!  This one is not like any of my others so it sits away by itself but I actually like the gold - it matches my decorations all year round.

I have shared my favourite tree ornaments before but I got this new glass reindeer one today - I love my tiny glass collection!  Eliza was delighted too she loves those ones.  

 Here is her tiny ballerina
 A very dainty star
And a beautiful gold christmas tree.  

 I was in a little Danish Christmas shop the other day and they had tons and tons of trays for sale but all far too expensive for me - I found this one in a charity shop for £2!!!  I just added some of my Christmas and every day decorations and I love this.  Who needs a £40 tray??  I love charity shop finds!
 I bought some more gold baubles this year so I would have plenty to display.  I am not quite finished getting ready but it is only the 4th December.  I still have time :)

Already tonight I have taken the lids off these and added more tiny baubles

Here is a little look at my china collection - this is so pretty on its own I have not Christmased it up at all.  I love every piece on here - most of it came from my sister earlier this year for my 30th birthday but every weekend I have been to a charity shop and bought a jug or a few cups to add to it.  I also got a great bundle from someone selling their collection they had used for their wedding so I have lots of teapots now too - I think I will probably use these for the wedding next year but I have not totally decided.  At least I will use the cups for the present showing - vintage tea party how exciting!  Next year is going to be so much fun!

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