Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Halloween Party Table

I have really been useless at the blogging!  I am so busy all of the time I have about a million projects on the go not least is WEDDING planning!!  But more of that another day I am going to do better from now on!

For Halloween 2013 we had a child friendly desserts table.  Last minute decision as always for me!!

 Not very scary but very cute!  Jessie from Toy Story outfit.  I bought some cow print material and sewed it on to a pair of jeans.  Eliza NEVER wears jeans she hates trousers in fact so seeing her in these was so weird!!  I sewed on some red details like Jessie's cowgirl shirt onto a piece of yellow felt.  I attached one side of the felt by sewing it on and the other side with velcro so she could get in and out of her shirt.  I also sewed some cuffs with red details.  I found some brown boots in Asda and a red cowgirl hat in Argos - could only get an adult one so it is pretty large but I couldn't find a red children's one and Jessie needs a red hat!  My mum knitted some red hair on a hairband for her.

Haha this is the only photo I could find of just the hair :)
Holding little Jessie

 You know I love gingerbread houses!  How to incorporate a gingerbread house into a Halloween party.....haunted house! This suit me fine because I knew I didn't have to be neat - the house sides barely even attach to the roof and the piping work has a lot to answer for but I loved this house and the tiny skeletons :)

 The desserts table is pretty rough and ready not my favourite but very last minute and it did the job for the party.
 I made little jellies with chewy sweety worms sticking out - mostly my ideas were from my pinterest board as usual. How did we survive without pinterest?

I also have a mould for pumpkin shaped jellies I love to make these every year - it was from Tesco years ago and has pretty much lost all its shape now and has to be jammed shut or there is jelly everywhere hopefully I will find a new mould at some point.

 Some real food since it was over tea time - basic party food: hot dogs, cocktail sausages, pizza. finger cheese strings :)
Nothing fancy...

A few mini cupcakes and top hats - not a lot of home made for this party since I was last minute

Eliza  Jessie choosing what she is going to have next - she loves a party and this was one of the only ones she was not ill at!

Some of the usual party games - ducking for apples :) Such a fun and messy game.  The kids had a blast.

Halloween 2014

Skip forward  a year since I am a useless blogger and I decided to have another party

The beautiful year older Eliza as an owl this year - I hot glued felt feathers all over an old hoody - this took much longer and much more felt than I imagined! 

 A little owl mask with cute little eyelashes
 I just hot glued a sheet of felt under her arms to attach more feathers to for her to flap her wings and used leg warmers Eliza already has in her stash of very cute clothing and you can't really see from this photo but I attached little felt talons to the bottom of her leggings.  She was absolutely adorable even if I do say so myself :)
 Party table 2014!
Different position and different foods this year.

 I used my plate rack after removing all of my beautiful china cups I have been collecting this year - more on that another day!

 A few homemade edibles this year...
 Ghosty meringues
 A coffin full of top hats
 Skeleton biscuits
And my first attempt at toffee apples - not my finest moment I have to admit - hot sugar crisscrossing the kitchen across my laptop recipe....misreading I needed to put the pan in hot water not cold water resulting in a set toffee with no apple...but I got there second batch and I was very happy with them.  The recipe is on my Halloween board if you want to try for yourself - just read the recipe don't do anything I do :)

 I had to use my newest drinks dispenser - I have a real obsession with these - this takes 12 litres of liquid!!!  12!!  That is a lot of orange fanta - I don't even let Eliza have juice!

This is the cran-raspberry fizz I have made before for lots of occasions - recipe on this post - the sorbet makes it really scummy on top which is great for Halloween but pretty gross looking for any other event.  I will need to see what I can do to change this recipe but the kids love it.
 Eliza asked me for a haunted house pumpkin this year - again not my best attempt (I still love the superhero pumpkin from two years ago)
 It did look cute in the dark though

 Unlike this one :( Finlay's request was a bat - the combination of a foosty pumpkin with black bits all over it and my usual last minute right when the kids are supposed to be going to bed attempt resulted in this mess.  He took it well though.  I will try harder next year!  And hopefully I will not need a blog post of two Halloweens in a row because I will keep up to date with this :)  Yeah right by next year I am going to be weddinged out of my box - how exciting!!! I am definitely keeping photos of all my projects and I am getting better with the laptop and getting my photos back out of it so I will try!


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