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First Birthday Aeroplanes Party

How quickly does time pass when you have a baby?  It is incredible that this little man has been here over a year now.  What did we do without him? 

Happy little one year old wearing LoveBeeBaby planes romper 

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We were in between houses for Sturrock's 1st birthday which I was gutted about.  I love having a party and all the jazz that goes with a party table but we were at my Mum and Dad's so had to keep it tame - that and all my props were in storage :( 

He didn't seem to mind he had a great time with his big brother, sister and two cousins.
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Who?  ME? 1 already??

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Love the soft blue and white together
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I didn't have a clue what I was doing with this cake and had his name in all different directions and the dodgy plane I made with none of my tools available (all in storage).  I managed to borrow number and letter cutters and then made up a bag of icing and started squirting.  It doesn't even make sense the plane has no trail coming from it but I stupidly stuck the plane down before I finished decorating it and I have no idea why I didn't just take the trail right up to the plane.
                                Typical of me really :D

The baking of the cake was an actual nightmare.  All 5 of us moved in to my Mum and Dad's as our house sold and the one we were planning to buy fell through.  The week we moved in Mum's oven broke and she couldn't decide if she wanted to re-do her kitchen and have a free-standing oven and hob rather than fitted.  (The decision took another 4 months!!)  So I went to my sister's house to bake the cake using her oven while the kids were at school so just me and Sturrock.  Had everything weighed out and ready before going to our Tiny Talk class then back for some dinner.  Put Sturrock for a sleep ready for my baking and icing marathon.  Got my first cake into the oven when the school phoned to say my nephew had forgotten his packed lunch but had already been injected (Type 1 diabetic) = complete nightmare he needs food now!!!  Handily I was in his house so was able to take the forgotten packed lunch (and his brother's!) in the car after I bundled sleepy Sturrock into his car seat when my sister phoned to say she had also heard from the school but that she had forgotten to put his crisps in his packed lunch box that morning and they had been counted in to his carbs.  Rather than turn back towards her house I carried on and went to the Spar after a quick scrabble about the car to see if I had loose change.  Parked quite close to the Spar got Sturrock out and to the doors when realised it was not bl**dy open!!!  Back into car seat and head onwards to Tesco aware that time was wearing on from Roman's injection.  Mad dash through Tesco with babe in arms to pick crisps for the boys and then back into car seat before making it to school.  Roman's greeting was "Where have you been???" .....Needless to say I was pretty frazzled by the time I got back to my slightly overdone cake  😥

Mars bar krispies - feature at every party! 

I didn't make too much food for this little party because it was just a morning with Sturrock's two sets of grandparents, his great Granny, his Aunty and Uncle and his siblings and cousins.  A bit of cake was really enough for that time of day.  I got these little pinwheels in Home Bargains and had them in my party box ready for an occasion and they fit this theme well.  Plus Sturrock loves windmills,  I had considered one on his cake but too complicated for not being in my own kitchen.

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I think he did like his cake though 
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His first ever taste of cake

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Little paper aeroplanes to decorate

For the party bags I used brown paper bags  (6th Woodland birthday and 2nd Ladybird birthday)

 Inside were some coloured paper and instructions for paper aeroplanes, a windmill, keyring aeroplanes that light up, a balloon, a felt aeroplane and a sweety aeroplane.

A felt aeroplane or as Grant likes to call it "Blind Shamu" Ok it was more like a whale than an aeroplane but I didn't have the things I needed at Mum's house.  We are all delighted we have finally moved out after 3 months living there :) 

Found the tutorial for this on pinterest but mine is made with polos and chewing gum.  Just wrapped a mini pack of polos in blue paper, used two from another pack as wheels, got a stick of chewing gum (hard to find in any shops!) and used Eliza's clear little elastic hair bands to hold it together.  So cute! 

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Almot as cure as this little boyo :)  Again from Home Bargains I found this pack of stickers to put on a box and make your own aeroplane.  Roman and Eliza had a great time making these and Sturrock had a great time asking to get in them

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Number one t-shirt Granny gave him from France Okaidi I love that shop.  Sturrock had a fantastic day for his birthday and the sun was shining.
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Tired out boy having a lie down with his big brother 

Next year I will be in my own house so should be a lot easier but this theme was so lovely for his first birthday but the next year better not fly in as fast as that one! 



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