Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Kilner Painting: it didn't go well....

Painted Kilner jars - seemed pretty straightforward.......

Who was I kidding?  I never take the right steps and prepare properly I just go in gung ho 😡

Delighted by my find in Home Bargains I purchased lovely little Kilner jars for 79p each!!!  I had just come from a shop where the same jars were £5.99!  They only had three left - lucky for me because I always go mad when I see a bargain and would have stockpiled Kilner jars I didn't need.

I knew I had some Annie Sloan at home but they had seen better days. They were in storage in a cold garage from January to June so I really should have known better.  The pure white one looked ok just the tin looked rusty.  The sample pots though were dried to the bottom.  But did I let that stop me?   No I just cracked on with the advice "a little bit of water and they will be fine"...My mother in law also gave me some Rustoleum in Flint so I was all the road.

First coat and the Rustoleum did not do well.  Very runny and not a good consistency (never used it before and assuming it was my Mother in law's storage of it that made it this way too).  The Annie Sloan white went on a dream except for tiny air bubbles I am not sure if that is a thing with off paint or what the story is there but I didn't bother googling I just popped the bubbles and left it to dry.  The Annie Sloan duck egg blue sample pot I had was a different story.  As it was totally stuck to the bottom I had to add quite a bit of water to even get it to move.  Then I poured away the excess and tried off and on with different mixing and water consistencies until I decided to add in some of the thicker white paint.  That went very well.

After this stage I watched a You Tube video on how to paint Kilner (yes I should have watched it before.  She painted the bottom of hers AFTER the sides had dried.  Oh.....)

Still looked very simple and I thought I was on to a winner.
But then it was the next day and I half forgot what she said in her video and I waxed the jars before remembering I was supposed to distress the KILNER lettering.  So I tried to do that and just ended up chipping huge flecks of paint off everywhere.  Instead I touched up those bits as though it had never happened.   Except I didn't keep any of the duck egg blue ensemble I made yesterday did I?? 😐😐

By this stage I realised my plan of tea, coffee and sugar jars were flawed because they didn't open nicely without the lids falling in so I superglued them.  The paint kept rubbing away when I shut the lids despite the wax and I just know my husband will hate them (offshore at the moment!) He hates shabby chic.  So all in all they were a waste of time but very little money.  I acually really like them as little storage jars and I am working on getting my new walk in pantry (💚) organised and I think they will look lovely on the shelves in there and I might even do some more if I find any cheap ones or some of my original ones.  But as tea, coffee, sugar jars they have a lot to answer for.  I even bought label making paper I was so gung ho that these would work out but I have not made the labels yet luckily so can wait to see what they are going to contain

Tell me this was not a fool-proof project or am I just a fool?


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