Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Vehicles 2nd Birthday Party

May is birthday month for me and my boys - although this may change if baby #4 is a boy - due in October!

We had a lovely day yesterday for Sturrock's 2nd birthday as it fell on the May Day holiday so all the kids were off school and my sister had the day off work.  We went to Tiny Talk in the morning - Sturrock is an amazing signer he can use over 100 signs.  He had a great time wearing the birthday hat and everyone singing happy birthday to him. 

He absolutely loves all things vehicles - I got his lovely romper from Bizzy's Sewing he had a great time finding different vehicles on it all day.

Here he is signing himself happy birthday :)
Afterwards we had a party at home with his brother and sister, granny, grandad, aunty and cousins.

 Road signs, fire engines, ambulances and police cars

 We had a lunchtime buffet with chicken, quiche, sausage rolls, cheese, pickled onions, crips and dip.

 Finally got a photo of baby 3 poor boy is poorly represented on the walls of our new house (we have had the house for a year now but still feels so new!)

 Chicken legs, nuts in buckets, crisps and fire engines
 Traffic light top hats

 Buffet food

 Mars bar krispies

 Still waiting for some food to fill up the bucket and star - pizza heating up :)

 Traffic light biscuits

 Mini cupcakes
 The beautiful birthday boy with his cake

The weather was so lovely we headed outside to play afterwards and sat out until late - makes me really look forward to using our *new* garden all summer

 Summery big sister

He got a tractor for his birthday - John Deere - he signs deer every time 🤣🤣

Last year's party hat and this year's - how quickly a year goes by! 

Such a happy smiley little boy - no wonder I keep having more babies they are all so amazing ❤💜💙

 Wouldn't be a party without party bags despite them all being pretty old for a party bag now :)

 Handcuffs, emergency services related rubbers, temporary tattoos of vehickes, a light up balloon, sweets, bubbles and of course some felt I had sewn up - for the first time ever I was prepared early enough not to be sewing up madly the night before!

 Green means go...time to open presents

 I made a felt garland with the ambulances, fire engines and police cars I sewed.

Me and Eliza made the name banner with the cricut out of black paper and used white chalk to make it look like a road.  It's great Eliza can help out with the decorating now.  She loves getting the chance to use the cricut. 

Finlay's birthday next but he told me it is really embarrassing how I have a theme for every party so I took that as a warning not to go overboard with his birthday🤣  He is 14 tomorrow so a cake and some friends round for tea very tame! 

Sturrock's 1st birthday was planes theme if you want a look
Eliza's 2nd birthday was ladybirds 

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