Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I Love a Tutu!

For not being a girly girl I am really turning into one!!

My love of tutus started when Eliza was 2.  Her second birthday party was a Ladybird Picnic and Eliza was dressed of course as a ladybird.  Pinterest had taken over my life and I wanted to try every craft going :) I already had bought a little red tutu in a sale though so I just added black felt circles through the layers and I loved it at the time 

But knew I wanted to go back and make a tutu myself - they looked so easy to do.  I found out from this pin how to cut tulle easily - and I bulk ordered TONNES of tulle!!!  I don't know what I thought I was going to do with it all but once I saw all the colours I couldn't resist!  I found them on an Ebay shop really cheap by the roll so ordered in every colour I thought would be useful!  Lifetime supply :) 

My friend's little girl is just a couple of weeks younger than Eliza so for her birthday I made her a tutu using these instructions
She is a huge Elmo fan so I cut out an Elmo face and stuck it to a red t-shirt.  Home made Elmo tutu gift <3

It was so simple - basically tying the tulle in knots around a ribbon.  Simples :) 

Unfortunately I also bought a blue tutu in the sale so Eliza still didn't get a home-mader for her cousin's space party - just some silver stars stuck onto her shop-bought one.

Still, how cute?!?!

But I was desperate to make my own tutu for Eliza

Our holiday to Florida was the perfect occasion

 My very beautiful Minnie Mouse <3 <3 <3

Once we were home it was time to make a new one for Hallowe'en 

 Superhero tutu!!
For this tutu I used this pin to satin wrap it with yellow ribbon.  This is really too big for her here but I knew I wanted to make them so they would last some time because even though I bulk bought quite cheap tulle it is still an expensive hobby!

And here she is with her friend in her Elmo outfit from earlier in the year :) 

 Next was another hero outfit - this time Batman for her brothers Superhero Party

SO cute Batgirl :) 

Look how big she got!!  10 months on and she has turned into this little lady <3

World Book Day 2014 and she was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.  The "hood" is very dodgy just an old Santa hat attached to a cape - not my best effort but left myself little time as usual!  And the old Minnie Mouse tutu still fits :) 

I am sure there will be more in the years to come especially judging by how much tulle I have left :)  Might need to have a tutu party this year!  


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