Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Felt Cat

Last year I made a Babushka doll last minute for a gift to fit in a homemade bed.

This year Sidney loves cats...

Very simple white felt with pink heart and a ribbon collar.  I have tons of buttons I bought for Eliza's quiet book so I sifted through them all and found the little pink star.

I saw this pin for the felt cat but it was just a picture so I can't credit whoever came up with it sorry!  It seemed pretty simple to follow for me who never draws just goes straight to cutting and usually at a really inappropriate time like this morning when I was looking after FIVE children - two of which are my own!  The gift is for Friday but I have two parties I am planning right now so I had a spare half an hour to get this finished.  The kids were playing happily and Finlay was making a rainbow loom bracelet for Sidney.

We are LOVING rainbow loom right now.  We have not mastered anything other than this basic design but we will sit and watch a tutorial one day soon!  Easter holidays just now so we are busy touring the parks with a picnic full of old Halloween and Christmas sweets :) Not good enough as a choice of sweet in the house but when you are out in the cold a chocolate coin goes down a treat :)

Party season soon Nerf and Cocktail parties coming soon!!!

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