Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mother's Day Afternoon Tea Party

Mothers Day morning this year for me was spent baking and preparing a little afternoon tea party for my mum, gran,sister, sister's mother in law and my mother-in-law to be (?!)... one day maybe haha.

      Some pom pom decor I love a pom pom <3

We had a lovely time eating plenty of sweet food - we considered afternoon tea with sandwiches but decided we wanted to focus only on the good part who wants a cheese sandwich when you can have an extra meringue?!

There were some savoury items...

                              Plain and cheese scones, do they count?

Cheesey straws - puff pastry rolled out and covered in cheese - I used gruyere, parmesan and cheddar.  Cut into strips and twisted, egg washed and placed in the oven for about 10 minutes.  Yum!!

     But mostly we ate sweet stuff :D

 Melting moments, mini victoria sponges, lemon drizzle cakes
                     and creme egg brownies

++Our Mothers Day Desserts Table ++

I love a desserts table or party table of any kind 

Check out our Easter table from last year will we repeat it this year or go back to bring the basics and make your own sandwich at the picnic table???  

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