Friday, 23 May 2014

Nerf Party

Again I have been useless with the blog - change over to a new laptop so no photos and slow internet - it is soooo difficult to pin with a slow computer!!

I have been really busy though - painting, up-cycling, rearranging my new birthday things and bargain finds and two significant birthdays!

The first was Finlay's 10th Birthday Nerf party.  I told him he could invite 5 boys which he quickly convinced me had to be 6 then we decided his neighbours and cousins would need to come so it turned into two parties so the older ones could shoot themselves senseless at party one and then keep it tame with the younger ones in the afternoon.  There was a lot of chat at the school about who was coming to the party and who wasn't.  Finlay plays with everyone so it was a difficult decision for him but apparently there were fake invites going about - I had two parents messaging they had a handwritten invite on the morning of the party would it be ok for their child to come?!  Haha.  I would have gladly let them if I had extra party props but I was already flat out sewing sticking and cutting the night before trying to get organised for the 16 I already had coming so I had to let them down.  Felt so bad - whole class parties are so much fairer!

 Here are the official invites - no idea what the hand-written invites looked like! (also no idea why this photo is upside down and I can't seem to fix it...) These were made from toilet rolls wrapped in orange tissue paper and black tape.

 A target I made out of an old box and ping pong balls.

                                                                                                            Me and Finlay are addicted to making rainbow loom bracelets so I made one for everyone coming to the party

I made little ammo bags for each of them
Webbing and D rings

 Bullets inside

 Party bags - Nerf badge, Nerf jolt gun, orange sweets, rainbow loom, cupcake all in a Nerf orange party box
 And a homemade dog tag - Finlay's dad made these at his work they are fab!  I found the bead necklace sold by the metre  in Nickel and Dime and bought the little connectors off ebay.  So there was no way I could add extra people onto the guest list!  They wouldn't have personalised dog tags :(

Nerf bullet gingerbread biscuits,..yes ok they look disgusting!
Gingerbread targets to be...

The Nerf cake

 Finlay banner made out of foam
 All the party boxes ready for the guests to arrive with their gun, dog tags, ammo belts and bracelet ready to use when they arrived.
 The garden all set up for the assault course
 Shoot the cans off the deck
 Shoot the target
 More cans to shoot
 Crawl under the net
 Jump the hurdles
 Camo den
 Shoot the ping pong balls off the golf tees - someone must have got to this before my photo!
 Under the string
 Shoot the cans

 Getting camouflaged
 Locked and loaded ... I didn't think this through they all shot me straight after the photo!
 The desserts table
 Orange and black
 Gingerbread target biscuit
 The gingerbread biscuits looking even worse with icing!

 Perfect colour for a Nerf party - orange aero balls
 Target biscuits - saw these easels years ago and knew they would come in handy one day!
 Fruit salads
 Orange skittles - you don't get many orange in a bag of skittles!  I now have a million other colours to get through!
 Irn bru - a very Scottish Nerf party!
 Orange jellies
 My nephew ready to party
 Even the footwear was Nerf! Uncle Grant's Nerfs
 And Jacob's
My Grant has his on too but no close up

 Hands up!
 Eliza not very well but a wee bit of camouflage and finally getting to eat the orange skittles and she was happy

 The kids got fed up but not the adults!
 Looking good Aunty Gillian!

 Finlay the sniper
 More jockey than soldier :)
Nerf station

We had a great time the weather wasn't the best but it added to the muddy army feel of the party.  The food was not as much effort as I usually go to - pizzas, hot dogs, sausages and sausage rolls - it was much better not to have so much stress.  Still too much hand sewing for my liking - but I got a new sewing machine for my birthday the week after this so next year's parties will be a blast!!!  Haha I swore Finlay was not getting another party after last year's superhero monstrosity party but 10!!!  That's a big birthday!  But that's it this time.  No more parties....until his 18th of course!  Might repeat the Nerf one actually after seeing the adults at this one! ;)


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