Friday, 23 November 2012

Eliza's Quiet Book/Busy Book

I finished my quiet book for Eliza!!
After the palaver of learning to use a sewing machine I was on my way to making my quiet book pages:)

The "E" pops on and off

Little pocket on the inside cover for keeping bits and pieces
I will show you in the same order as the book but this was not the way I actually made the pages.  I did the simple ones first because I was scared of my more complicated ideas:) 

Little house on a hill with a tiny bell to ring

Open the door and take your shoes off

Inside the house are Finlay and Eliza 
I did mean to go back and give the little people faces but I only finished the book the NIGHT before leaving for our holiday to Florida so some things had to be missed out :)  The figures are attached with velcro and
                                             can be taken out of the house and moved around.  

Eliza's bedroom 
The cupboard doors open and the chest of drawers is a pocket for storing clothes.  The little curtains can also be opened and the little doll Eliza can go for a sleep under the covers.  There is also space under the
                                                   bed for any secrets she wants to hide there.

Next is the weather chart and flowers page (from this pin and this pin)

The bee button moves up and down to feed from the flower

The flowers can all be unbuttoned and colour matched to their button.

I hand sewed this page with the little felt pockets for
all the weather symbols to go into
 The weather can then be velcro-ed to the flowers page

Next page is the kitchen.  

Lots of this is machine sewn on.  All the cupboards open as storage for cups and plates and the drawers under the mixer is a little pocket to keep more little items.

The bowl from the mixer can be removed as inspired by this pin and Eliza can mix cookies and cupcakes for going into her oven

The toast comes out of the toaster and the washing machine opens so all the little outfits can be washed.  The oven opens for trays of cookies and cakes to be baked.

The fruit in the bowl can also be removed for the little dolls to get their 5-a-day

The fridge opens and there are little pockets inside and the milk velcroes to the door.  There are also little magnets inside and I plan to make fridge magnets to stick on the door but I don't want to make these too little that they could be swallowed.  I also need to make more food for the fridge - so far mummy needs to do a big shop she only has milk and tomatoes!

Next we head outside to the garden

 The shed door opens and the tools stay in here - a spade and a fork.  The wheelbarrow comes off and fits some vegetables inside..  There is 1 corn on the cob, 2 tatties, 3 leeks, 4 onions and 5 carrots to help Eliza learn to count when she is planting them or pulling them

Now it's time to hang that wet washing out...

  In the spring with new green leaves on the trees...
In the summer with flowers on the trees...

In autumn with orange leaves falling from the trees...

And in the winter with the snow on the trees.

All of the little flowers and leaves stay in the clouds

These ideas came from this pin and this pin

Next comes the alphabet page..

 Under each letter is a button beginning with that letter.
Some dodgy ones like "N" for numbers???  I couldn't find an N :(

Or a U/V/X/Y or Z :(:( Still on the hunt...

And finally the numbers page...

 Under each number are buttons corresponding to the number...
 8 little mice, 9 teddies and 10 flowers...
5 happy faces, 6 doggies and 7 pairs of shoes...

I did make a few little outfits for the little Eliza and here are some for her big brother Finlay...

 Superman - his FAVOURITE  hero
 Iron Man
 Captain America
Super Mario

So I finished this the night before we flew to Florida - it took a good few months and lots of patience mainly with my sewing machine.  Eliza loves the book but I was not ready for her to lose all the tiny pieces on the plane!  I was panicked every time she played with it.  Really the bits are too small for her she is only 2 and she can't do all the parts but she will grow into it.  Now we are home I let her play with it without supervising as closely as I did on holiday!  

Here she is putting little Eliza to bed before she gets put to her own bed

Finlay is jealous of his little sister's book but it is far too babyish for my big boy so I have some plans in the making for a big boy busy book.  I don't think I would do it the same way though.  This book is really thick with the batting in between each page and my sewing machine skills were really not up to that!  Don't look too closely at the pages they are really dodgy.  My thread broke every 5 minutes and now my machine is not working at all so a lot of the book was finished by hand after all.  So Finlay's book is going to have felt pages with no batting in between.  Hopefully that should mean it will be less work and much less stress!  I will keep you posted if I ever finish it but I have now got a blog to write as well as pins to pin and Christmas crafts to complete so that could be a while yet :) 

Thanks for reading...anyone else made a quiet book or busy book?  Mine doesn't really keep Eliza quiet but it does keep her busy!  And it keeps me busy collecting all the tiny pieces once she has finished with it :) 


  1. Do you have a pattern for the superheros? They look great!

    1. Hi Crystal I just saw this comment I'm so sorry! I didn't use any patterns for these -like everything I do I just cut and hope for the best! I looked up the heroes on Google then sat and cut out the shapes. Primitive really! I'm sure they could be done properly using well thought out templates but I am not that type of girl! zero patience for doing things right! I also made hero finger puppets and bean bags you can see them on my post about superhero party crafts and games May 2013 again just by hand cutting no templates. Sorry again it took so long to respond I don't know why I didn't get a notification. X


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