Saturday, 17 November 2012

Jubilee Party (2012 Party Planner No 2)

Happy Jubilee!

 Our patriotic jubilee celebration spread.

We dressed in red, blue and white.  Eliza wore a home made headband (see the pin for how to do this here)

Sandwiches, sausage rolls, sausages, pasta, rolls, crisps...a very jubilous spread!

                                                        And onto our favourite desserts...

meringues and cream, clootie dumpling, red white and blue sweets, 
strawberries and blueberries, lemon creme....

British flag cheesecake...
And British flag Victoria sponge

We celebrated with a jubilee picnic and a barbeque bonfire

For the kids we made glow bugs (see this pin for instructions)

The lighting of the glow bug...

What did you all get up to for the jubilee?  We had a fantastic time.  The fireworks were amazing and it was so good to celebrate the Queen together with a party - our favourite thing to do is to plan a good party and throw in some home made crafts = recipe for success :)

Next time we celebrate a Kermit inspired 40th birthday party :)

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