Monday, 19 November 2012

Space Boy (2012 Party Planner Party 4)

This party was mostly my sister's crafting and pinning for her oldest boy who turned 5 in the summer.  We had a mad few weeks of birthdays and parties and this one was space themed...
Fancy dress party 
There's superman again - can't keep him away from our parties!!!   And Eliza in another tutu with silver stars attached this time.

Look how lucky Jacob was - his daddy made him this amazing rocket for the party!!

All of the kids had a brilliant time fighting over this:) 

More Cricut craft for the starry backdrop, bunting and the Jacob sign

 This was made like Susan's but this time the lettering was painted.

Lots of red and green alien foods

station :)

 Followed by space related desserts

 Jacob LOVES the film Despicable Me Oh Yeah! 

 More of the little painted numbers in sweety jars like Eliza's 

This party was all about the games: 
 Throw the beanbag at the cans - old tin cans decorated in space paper

Gillian made the beanbags in the shape of little rockets :) 

 Decorate your own alien

Decorate a flying saucer

 Beanbag throwing planets game

 Pin the eye and mouth on the alien

And more old-fashioned games :)  

                   The kids had a fantastic time and everyone went home with a space bag full of treats.

 including a little star chocolate cupcake

There were lots of cricut crafts for this party and pinned ideas - here is a little decoration Gillian made for the party 

Isn't it so cute?? 

A little tiny wreath.  Now it is near Christmas I remember I was supposed to be making lots of these since summer!  I better get onto that...

Now I procrasti-blog instead of procrtasti-pinning - when will I ever make anything I have pinned again?
:D not to worry that's the last party this far anyway - there's still time...

I will be showing you my quiet book/busy book I made for Eliza next time.  Not brilliantly made - don't look too close - but I loved every minute of it!


  1. What a perfect party!!! My boys would die if I did something like this for them! What a fun mama. :)

  2. Thanks Tiff we all had a fantastic time. My sister really is a fun mama :) and fun aunty. x


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