Monday, 12 November 2012

Superhero Pumpkin!

Hello again!

A quick post today with our Superhero pumpkin.  Again I saw a pin on pinterest that sparked my imagination .  My boy and my nephews are superhero daft so I decided on a Superman pumpkin carving.  It was pretty simple once I started..  I just looked at the badge from F's cape and free-styled it.  I didn't cut all the way through the badge but enough so the light would shine through.
I loved it like this but decided that was easy so I would move on...       Spiderman 


And Captain America

Spiderman was the hardest to do and I originally planned to have the web effect all over it but the pumpkin was turning to mush and I was endangering the other three heroes :( So it is not my favourite side but overall I love the hero pumpkin!  How will I top that next year?

And what about the Hallowe'en outfits??  Well F said no way to a home made outfit - I have not convinced him I am capable yet.  But E is still young enough she wore what I told her...

Homemade tutus are my ultimate favourite!  And E got to dress like her big bro ( and her two cousins!).  This is not my first tutu - I will post about that another day :) She loves it "supa-boy"!!  The superman badge is made from felt and she has on long red socks and red shorts over blue jeans which you can't see in this photo.  The shoes unfortunately she had to wear to get to the party but we quickly ditched them so they didn't ruin the look :) 


And here are all the heroes together out guising.  (or trick or treating :))

Thanks for reading....see you next time heroes.  See more of the pins I like here 

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