Monday, 12 November 2012

I Love Autumn!

Firstly hi :)

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while.  Since joining pinterest a few months ago my eyes have been opened!  I didn't realise I could be so creative.  I was talking to a friend today about starting a board on things we have actually made - I spend so much time procrasti-pinning that i don't actually get round to making the stuff - it would be a pretty empty board compared to my "to make" board.  So now I am going to blog my way through what I have managed to make - usually inspired by a pinner or two.

I will start with my season-themed home.  Christmas is easy there are plenty of ideas out there even pre-pinterest but what about the rest of the year?  My Hallowe'en displays have been pretty dire so far - a bit of tacky pumpkin or ghost garland and some battered bats that have seen their day.  This year I went with the more grown up autumnal display :)   After a quick scout around with my boyo we found some lovely coloured leaves - that was after Santa caught us pilfering leaves from his trees....yep the real Santa.  Oh dear have I damaged my kiddo's chances of Santa visiting us this year?  Next I bought a pumpkin and set up my wicker basket on the fireplace.  A splash more of orange with a plant and some decoration, my old candle holder and ta-da I had a not quite pintastic display but better than the attempts I had made previously.

Next I moved onto my display shelves - these used to have toys and rubbish strewn over them but with my new craftiness I decided to clear it out and make it look better.  Sometimes I have food displayed for my friends coming round but generally it is just me sitting staring at my favourite items - like my purple  le creuset teapot, my milk jug, my milk bottles, my cake stand with my children's handprints and  my cloche!!!  (I love cloches!)

I recently acquired a trifle bowl and saw a pinner had put lentils and split peas to match the autumn colour theme.  I did this today and I love it!  My mum came in and laughed saying it looks like a bowl of lentils!!! is!  So I added a bow and a candle like the original pin :)
My empty milk bottles were screaming for some lentils and split peas and my cloche is now the happy home of a few oranges - although the pesky kids ate them before their photo shoot!  So now my display is a happy orangeyellowgreen space I can't help but look at :D

 I have always wanted a dresser but I don't have the space so this is it for now.  Until I win the lottery this is my mini "dresser" space :)

Thanks for reading.  I have lots of ideas I plan to cover.  Next time I will show you my Hallowe'en Pumpkin carving...


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